Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ghost hunting at Matilda's house and old house behind mental hospital

Went to have my fav fastfood MOS.b at raffles city after buying something.
After so long.. LOVE IT!!! Aways have rice burgers, but this was my 1st time having hotdog a MOS.b. =DD Soooo good!! As usual, nugget, fries... Hotdog for capricorn. And the new thing i saw, fried oyster. was it oyster?? =) its not bad

Oh ya, if you can't take ghostly things, stop reading :) But its actually not that scary.
Went to 2 hunted places in a day. 1st was an old house behind mental hospital, 2nd was Matilda's house (on of the top 10 haunted places in Singpore)
** pictures is bigger then the pics I usually upload. What ever the picture shows, its up to you to judge what is it, i will only comment what I think it is =D

On the way, trying to test the camera. Without flash so, I just try to block my ugly-without-makeup-face. And it just appear this way. Coz I am moving so.. ya, thats the effect.

Was kinda scared coz.. we can hear people screaming when it is so late, don't be shocked coz we are just next to the patients. We are at the mental hospital.

The house is where he is point`ing at. Couldn't get in, its locked and theres light. Wonder if anyone is staying inside.

After that, we walk back and buy drinks at kelly*s house there. I don't know where is it but I only remember its kelly*s house. And we saw this cutie. BIG EYES MEOW

Without the flash, her eyes are different. Very big and round!

After this, from Hougang i cycle, they( capricorn and his bro, Derence* ) blade to Punggol.. looking for Matilda's house.

Not my ugly face.. but orbs..

Capricorn went up of the LRT station next to the house to take picturs. look at the orbs

Can't see the house but lotsa orbs

Was kinda shocked to see this. Before edit`ing, nothing appear.. but after edit`ing, to me, its like a glowing figure on the right.

A big orb on the top.
People say if you edit the pic, i donno how, you can see a face in orb. the orbs are gods or something to protect a building, people use to invite them to their building to protect them from evil spirit.

Well, up to you to judge :D

Something worst was... when we were on the way, trying to get into the house, we were blading and cycling on the road.. I started to hear banging from the drain. You know the small drains at the road side with metal strip cover? The 1st bang I was shocked already coz it was loud and the place is so quiet. But guess what? It continue!! Derence* was blading in front of me and he heard the next bang. He was shocked too. Its like trying to follow the route we are going and the bangs gets louder and louder........ We cycle futher away from it and we went back.

Don't know is it b'coz of it, I am down with gastric flu and Hand-foot-mouth disease. =(
only 20% adult gets it and i got it, gotta buy 4D. ahhhHaaaaa

Yvonne*:: Not really softer but I think will save up the extra fire to use another pot to cook the potato ba =D
Jackson*:: thanks
Date:: its nice. Thanks =D
Bunny:: yup should try!!
LiKuan*:: Woah.. say until like that.. Don't want cook for you ah. Later you get food poisoning you blame me ah! Nice kbox with you too!! Lets go again soon. come online and i send you the pictures ok? And I will be happy with what I choose, I won't regret. Thanks :D
Michiyo*:: yup. You too. all the best! Will link you too!!
pa5s3rby:: haha. ya, but still. need to have a clear mind. Thanks. Take care too! :)
Mabel*:: hey how are you? if can, meet up soon ok? :)
passerby:: thanks for the support :) by see`ing the comment, I smile =DD
AhBao*:: why must link you? =X no diff if I link or not what.. My blog is not popular

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