Saturday, June 20, 2009

Marina barrage, car wash, Jumbo seafood, East coast, L4D.

Think its my 1st time to Marina barrage?
Not sure. STM

Pretty place.

Next day, bathing a car.


Happily sitting inside, lazy people don't like to wash cars on their own. LOL

After car wash, off to Kallang for seafood.


How long I've never eat crab?? Yum yum...

The mess. After one round of plate changing. Still...

Super unglam

I love NY Jumbo?

Wanted to have Baron at ECP but at the end,
they talk about L4D, I got excited.

Never get the cat in the end. The machines hate him.

Trying hard.

The one that's too round to get. HAHA

One is out. Looking at them from the outside.
But well, Brandon wanna cheat only. HAHA.
Thanks for the effort 情聖. Happy Jojo.

L4D time.

情聖 and the no chin girl. LOL

Found him taking picture. Trying to hide the ugly face.

Will post another one soon.
Now my keyboard is half dead.
Number 1 to 0 died.
So my post is like..
Hopefully you all understand what am I blogging about.
Cannot even put smiley face. -.-

SoonYan:: Will call you. heh. =D
vogueindulge:: Alrights. Hard time to post one. But I will get it done ASAP
Cap-Romance:: Thanks.
KaiZhi:: Ya, always awake at that time.
Kai:: When its time to be, I will.
Dave:: No lar. You think too much. He is sensible enough.
Michiyo:: OK =D You not scared people prank call you ah? Call me when ya back k? Know Curtis tru your sis =D
Kim:: LOL. Miss you uh. When going out with me?
Hao:: When its time. heh
Joanna:: You saw me? heh. Next time call me ok? Cos I always cannot see one.
KenKen:: You don't know one. But its ok already. Thanks =D
Curtis:: Thanks =D Your magic tricks are really scary. HAHA
YiFan Kor:: Nth. Over already. So its ok already. Thanks =D
Steph:: Call me when you are at my area. Can meet up to chat. ok? =D
Miki:: Got it =D
Lina:: Oh god, YES
DaMao:: You funneh lar.
Kenny:: Ok
JiaHui:: I am ok now =D
Penny:: Ok. As soon as i can. =D
BSWH:: Not nice? Eeek. I don't wanna try den. HAHA

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

To someone:

Please, you are NOT my parents, boyfriend or whatever. I don't have to tell you what am I doing every minute, every second. I don't even report to my boyfriend. If everyone work like how you did, when will I be free?? Please, they send me email. Don't tell me you don't know my email alright? I DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING. Get it right.

I need my phone to contact others, not for you only.
I am on the line and you keep calling.
Keep messaging.
Understand simple English.
If you can't wait or its too late, call me tomorrow, ONCE please.
You have a mind of your own to think right. When is late go and sleep.
Please know what messaging is for.
Its for you to leave me a message and I will reply when I am free.
Thats what SMS is for. Or else why is it call MESSAGE?
Don't say that I treat you like stupid when you have a mind of your own to think what is right and what is wrong.
Stop saying sorry. Stop calling my friend to ask where am I.

Additional to this, if you are really trying to help me, let me settle my own stuff first.
If you are going to continue doing all this spam`ing, I would rather not need your help.

Reply to tags (:

Relfy*:: Everyone said fair nicer. (: Faster come back!
HappyQueen:: =D
Michiyo*:: Clubbing tml?
SoonYan*:: Not really. Next time call you k?
JiaHui*:: Thanks!!! <3
Sky*:: Hello
VogueIndulge:: Ok! Send me the pics!
Jumbo*:: Not very long liao.
Andy*:: Where? Show me please?

Computer died.
Keyboard also going to die.
Arghh.Super hard to blog!

Clubbing on Tues.

Anyone wanna club today?
St James
Another new Tue clubbing night!
Something even better is..
For age 16 & above!!

Anyone anyone??
Another one is at Butter Factory.
Age for 18 & above.
Anyone on? (:

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jammie* birthday celebration 2009

Prepare early and went for a haircut!!
my hair is just a lil-shorter.
Went to look for Felicia* and brought a cheese cake for the bday girl.

Jammie* was scolding me saying I always disappear last min for meet ups.
She didn't know I was sitting down and waiting for her with her cake!

Me and Bday girl!
(See? My skin tone is no longer fair. My back is the darkest cos of J.S`ing)

With Melissa*

The boys. CK* JingFeng* Jackson*(Keep calling him Jensen* LOL.)

All of us! I miss secondary school days.
The guys here always smuggle food and drinks for us girls.
Cos Jammie* and I are too lazy to even step out of the classroom! =D

Still remember, Melissa* was the one, reaching the classroom earliest and open our door.
I will be the 2nd one. 1st thing is to ask Melissa* for homework. I'll copy.
Followed by Jammie* stepping into the class. She'll copy from me!
Den, the guys! 3 guys will copy from us, the 3 girls!
heh heh heh! Bad bad student.
But really glad to know them after I drop to normal.
I was never alone (:

Thanks to the 3 guys that paid for all our expenses that night (:

No one is here ):
No tags to reply ):

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dr.Fish @ IMM & yacht party @ ONE°15 Marina Club

Having a hard time to blog! ):
But wanna post up pictures so badly!
So, here they come!!!! treatment @ IMM for 10mins
(I know I am slow uh! Now den go and try)
Super itchy!
Ken* and I pick the bigger fishes.
They are super hungry, even I move my leg, they will still stay there.

Take pictures of the black Dr.fishes.

All swim to Ken*s leg. Cos I kept moving, ITCHY!

The most amount of fishes eating the dead skin n my leg.

Naughty me, putting my hands in and catch them.
They will still stay after I let go! Heh! Super cute.
( Not suppose to put our hands in anyway. I didn't know =P )
10mins so can't really feel any difference.

Yacht party @ ONE°15 Marina Club

Helping one another. (: Never put enough sunblock. I am a blacky now!

Our mummy in all the FHM event.
Big THANK YOU for taking good care of us.
(And have your butt "kai hua")

Yummy! (: Balls, wings, pizza... a lot a lot!

HOT! Jasmine Li*!! 1st runner up for FHN GND 2009!!

Why are you so happy, Mark*?

Ok lar. To prove that I am f-fat.

This is how my body looks. HAHAHA!!

Pink nails!!!! (:

Run! Fats! Run!

Super happy. I love J.S!

If I am rich, I will own one!
Jet ski = J.S
(Not new boyfriend ya!)

Sunset. After all the crazy water sports.
Unglamorous pic!

About FHM finals
Congrats to our winner, Celestina*!!
Jasmine* And Jes*!!
Jes* costume is really nice, Victoria Secret kind.
Super pretty and she can bring it out super nicely!
Sorry for not doing my job well, I was really upset about my pongpong,
broken fan and the half makeup ):
Can't believe I am on stage with only like eye makeup.
Well, I will not give a black face on any stage if there is another time, I promise!!!
Hopefully I can get some pictures to blog about!

Dave*:: Lotsa things to do ma. Sorry, call me lar!
Kim*:: No make up is SUPER ugly!
Vanessa*:: Its not a person. (:
Wing*:: Yup, I think so (:
Kenken*:: Ok (:

Tired, so tired. Get me out of here.