Friday, June 22, 2007

blogging in HONGKONG!!

byebye Singapore!!!

will be back on the 20 july :) kinda tired now. will blog some interesting pictures here and will blog everything once i am back in Singapore. because can't edit them properly here.
nights!!![[nv see my xiaoMI before right? the lil- pillow :) shes even older then me!!

Jevonne*::miss u too!!!!:)
stanley:: see ya

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FLY away!

woohoo~ i am flying off in less then a day.Don't know if i could blog in HK. if i can't i will blog the pictures when i get back!! WAIT FOR ME OK? anyway, i am having a slight fever. hope i will be fine after some sleep. anyway, all my darlings, don't dump me after i go to HK ok!! must remember me!!!!

Jevonne*:: ya. not black but tann. :) love the colour!
frankyraven:: sorry? i don't understand
stanley:: saw you in the shop that day :) hope didn't scared you coz was feeling unwell.
BRINA*:: yup! pretty you!
wilson:: thanks!
Jamie*:: sure! miss ya~

thank you my HotHoney. I hope this will last. i hope i can say iLu-*

Thursday, June 14, 2007

photos UP!

SOOOO tired. going to sleep after i blog`ed :)

ahBee-noni* at the shop. after my work, we walk aaround orchard and i saw partyworld and say wanna sing so we went! :) so fun!! anyway, will get to see him only after i get back from HK.

@ partyworld


MOS~ *underage party*
went to 97 when MOS got so bored. but we went back to MOS coz 97 is full of techno!! alto its nice. but gave Jevonne* headache.

me and Jevonne*

... ... and a few more heads behind??

see the difference? White&Black

poor lil-boy. sign a CAT. see??

after eating, FULL of energy

aunty.. give me money to get some ice-cream PLEASSSSE...

Ehhh.. nonono.. don't come near to a rich tai tai like me!!

alright!! i am really sleepy now!!

Jamie*::thanks! you too!!
Anonymous:: i ask for the address from my friend asap because i don't rmb where is it. sorry
stanley*:: thanks! you can leave me msges here :)
Jevonne*:: lets go out together again! i love it!!
frankyraven:: as u've said, if i give him i also need to give you right? so i don't give to anyone to be fair. :) my work place gotta serve and cook. can't learn much cooking skill from there coz its just a simple hongkong cafe. i am a part-time`er so i only get my timetable for a week.. not confirm. i am not the boss. so can't give discount sorry

Friday, June 08, 2007


so sorry for not blogging. kinda busy now-ah-days. will be posting up pictures when i've got the time :) still working at fareast. so tired! anyway, byebye to Mr. ahbee-noni, he is flying away from singapore for 18 days for his army. will see you after i get back from HK! TAKE CARE!

Jamie*:: yup. will see u all soon!!
DaMao:: forget to change. will change when i've the time ok?
anonymous.:: pivot point[[not sure if its spelled this way]] like around $100 if i am not wrong :)
Wilson*::thanks! :DD really love to see your tags
Anonymous:: it was last yr since i play with mask thingys. don't remember the brand already. so sorry