Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FLY away!

woohoo~ i am flying off in less then a day.Don't know if i could blog in HK. if i can't i will blog the pictures when i get back!! WAIT FOR ME OK? anyway, i am having a slight fever. hope i will be fine after some sleep. anyway, all my darlings, don't dump me after i go to HK ok!! must remember me!!!!

Jevonne*:: ya. not black but tann. :) love the colour!
frankyraven:: sorry? i don't understand
stanley:: saw you in the shop that day :) hope didn't scared you coz was feeling unwell.
BRINA*:: yup! pretty you!
wilson:: thanks!
Jamie*:: sure! miss ya~

thank you my HotHoney. I hope this will last. i hope i can say iLu-*


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Anonymous said...

okok....stanley here...thought u really dont know who i am...hav a gd rest b4 u got o hk and have a nice trip....hope to see ur msg when u get back...cya...