Wednesday, December 31, 2008

LiveImpact, Korea Dinner

Back from chilling session with Charlene*, Jaslyn*, Dave*, Marv*, Jensen* (:
Had a great time!

Yesterday went to some pub.
Actually is to look for Jevonne* @ BoatQuay coz its her 1st day of work.
Dave* was at another place so we, Kazua*dear and me, went to my friend's place.

Always wanted to take a pic with this big big glass.
Finally. I know my face is big. But the glass is even BIGGER!

After that Andy* drove us to LiveImpact(Did i spell it wrongly?)
Super cool car!!

Pimp my ride!

Kazua* dear got 2 thai girls that night!
She can't even run away. I can't save her.
Cos one of the thai girls kiss me too. Again!

Fun night after all!

Today, finally meet up with Jensen*!

The person who know me most. (:

Busy looking at the menu.

Dinner was great! Additional heart to heart chats. Make my day (:
Thanks Jensen*! See you tomorrow!

The greedy Jojo*.

Will be partying at Club D`Marvin tomorrow with WG people. (:
Located at Orchard, opp old China Black.
Enterance fee will only be S$20! HAHAHA!
Can't wait! Will take lotsa pictures and blog!

Man:: I think you saw him. I was with him on that day.
Crystal*:: Yup. I did. The song is 612星球.
Relfy*:: Ok!!!!! (:
Michiyo*:: =D

Monday, December 29, 2008

Miss the old days

Stay home the whole day today.
Stalk pretty girls online.
I saw my primary school friend's pictures.

How many years back? 2?
And she, Relfy*, is flying overseas for further studies soon. ):

We used to hang out at the airport. Eating popeyes. (:

We used to hang out at Vanessa*s house(few bus stops away from mine)
I drop something out of the window. And I wore her limited edition shoes to climb out of the window. I really miss the old days!

With the extra I mean this grass god (:
We, Vanessa* Kusa* and me, used to meet EVERYDAY.
Kusa* normally will ride his bike and I will enjoy the ride (: I super miss it!
Not to forget, Kusa* save my life once (:
Super glad to know him!!
Ya la, I miss you la. The old you.
Not the one who keep saying that I am 2 months pregnant.

Grown up! And Kusa*, MIA already.
I miss chalets.
Can we have the chalet again?

Let me be a kid again.
Kinda emo suddenly. And I have no idea why. Maybe I just miss the old days, with them.

Hao*:: ICIC..
michiyo*:: Don't stress! All the best. Remember to call me. HA!
LiKuan*:: I don't think so.. At 1st I thought I am too rough. So all came off. Haha.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

X`mas eve & Nanny's birthday.

Sorry! Late greeting!

Received lotsa X`mas present?
I've got sooooo much this year (:

Went to TM to get new phone on X`mas eve! (:
Thanks Queen*!!
New phone = more photos to blog!
Of cos the photos from the phone are not as clear as camera.
But still I am very happy!

Saw this Meow outside TM.
With scar and.. very timid.
Very pretty fur (:

After that,
met up with JieMei and went over to Power station to count down.

This is the place we count down! HAHA.
Inside Power House is too crowded!


Mastermind? Charlene* who was the 1st to attack my Nanny.

Still not enough?
DM* pour somemore.

The spectators, JieMei thinks that he can dodge the camera.

Interesting fight!

Super cute Jensen* pushing Charlene* to the toilet.
Cos Kim* and I was at the back, and at the same time chit chatting with Charlene*.
So Jensen* push Charlene* side way. I don't know how to explain. Just funny!
Behind, I know one of them is Ivan*.. The other one is nanny or DM*?

Close up of nanny's back

Nanny and Charlene*

The girls without make-up.
At least she look ok.
and I am not used to the camera on the phone.
So only my swollen eye is in the pic.

Next up! The gamers... in the trolley

3 of them were sitting next to each other but I am too lazy to move.
So need to cut JieMei* out. HAHA.

Michiyo* is also playing but she is wearing heels and skirt so can't get into the trolley

Alright! Thats all for now.

Anna*:: Ok! Sorry, I know its late. But still Merry X`mas!
Yvonne*:: Merry X`mas!
Man:: HAHA.. We were at TM but he is not working. HAHA. Its not a tag or something. Its hisphone's lanyard!
Michiyo*:: Never.. ): Too many people. Finally got to see you on Kenny*s bday!
Nana*:: You should go and watch others too.. Think you'll like them all!
HarryQ*:: So, Booooooooooo to you!
Nick*:: Maggie and I watch DVD what!
HAHA!:: ?????
Dave*:: HAHA. You eat so lil.
Hao*:: I don't know eh. How you know?
Ferlynn*:: ok
Linda*:: Yup pretty! I remember you (: Still working for events?
LiKuan*:: Really? mine not very good. Like put on for a day, it will come off already ):

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chilling session @ Changi Airport

Yesterday night, went Changi Airport for chilling session (:
With WG`ers, Marv* Dave* Nick*.

My love, popeyes (: Finally!!!

After that, Marv* was having some problems.
He was on the phone.
While waiting for him, we went online and stalk on pretty girls again.

Angry pig. (Sorry, quite scary pic)

Dave* Act cute maRn.

My gay JieMei Nick*!

Tell me how to make lashes grow?
I wanna win him (:

After not long, the lappy went dead.
JieMei was hungry again! So we went Mac.
At the same time we try to look for power point.
At the end, power point all locked!

So we drop by this cafe. (Coz we saw the power point)

Service is PERFECT!

Place is nice (:

Can't believe JieMei is hungry AGAIN! After popeyes, mac... Well, The food is nice too!

My hungry JieMei. He look better with small eyes.

Watching America's Best Dance Crew (:

Slowly everyone is tired.
See Marv*s shirt? With the design on his laptop bag. HAHA.

On the MRT with Dave* and JieMei*

Wonder if any of you seen my blog profile?
My fav is 宫崎骏(Hayao Miyazaki)'s product. Anyone know him? (:
His movie is coming to SG!

I wanna watch! I don't know what is it about. Just that its super cute!

Below are a few of 宫崎骏(Hayao Miyazaki)'s creation (:
All my favourate!!


天空の城 a.k.a Laputa



How I hope I've got all the DVDs.
If anyone know where to get 天空の城's DVD, please inform me! Thanks!

Man:: Nvm about the sicko (:
Michelle*:: Hello (: Sorry, can't grab from my blog. Nick* said he will send it to you. Sorry for the trouble!
HarryQ*:: Why why?
Crystal*:: Its S.H.E - 612 星球
Hao*:: No? Boring life boring blog!
Michiyo*:: How was the trip? Fun?

Anyway, please help me by...
Clicking on the nuffnang ads ok?THANKS!