Friday, December 12, 2008

Ricky*s birthday celebration @ Georges

Ricky*s birthday celebration @ Georges
Don't know how many years back, I was working there.
Anyways, Happy Birthday!! (:

JieMei came and look for me after work (:
Went shopping with Winnie* and JieMei.

Randomly saying I like this cute silly thing.
And JieMei surprise me with it (: (: (: Thanks!
*non-stop smile`ing*

Another surprise was the DVD.
Rmb me saying that its super hard for me to cry?
When I watch the show corner with love, I CRIED! LOL
So JieMei surprise me with the DVD. Again (:

Thanks JieMei (:
But sorry, I can't stand people lying.
maybe to you its just a small lie for you to cover up your past.
But no matter what its still a lie.
I can't stand lies. Even its just half a lie. (:
So.. ya.. No point saying sorry anymore.
Its not the 1st time anyway.
You know its hard to gain back my trust.

Anon:: Yup, wearing brown lenses (: Thanks. HAHA. I'm not anywhere near the pretty ladies.
Kai*:: How was HK? (: Cold? I miss my hometown. LOL.
Hao*:: I'll try to blog more. (: Then won't be bored alrady.
Nick*:: (: Thanks JieMei
LiKuan*:: You never call me ):
Steph*:: I miss you! Never seen you since your birthday.

*HP is down. So currently don't sms me, I can only pick up calls but might not be able hear my voice. No matter what, just call me if theres anything (:

My wishlist, gone ):

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