Thursday, September 28, 2006

Out to have Dinner

went to toa payoh for dinner with the Queen and GIGI*

not very full

went home and meet my honey after bathing

he looks different
he dye`ed his hair
he wear the define CL.
he trim his eyebrown

any bigger?

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daMaO::u love the seal don love me laa
mabel*:: its simple and FUN!!! xD thankss!!

add a game in my blog on the rite hand side of the page

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


went to the airport with my sis

so many things to see
went to eat
nv take photo coz too hungry already
after awhile muscleWOMEN* and xinLing* came
and i think we saw some ChupLao ppl laa
keep starin at us

when we r on the way back to T2

coz the 2 sisters were holdin hands so my sis ask me to hold hers
den i say shes too short
so they walk together and leave me alone =((

bring them back to our palace

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relfy::thanks! okok =D
mabel*::lazy =x
nahyieve::thanks =)))
wad are we now
i am confuse


its all about ART again

my art

i draw on one of my shirt =D

oh yaa
my sis just step on tt shirt xD

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meiLing*::welcome ! =)
Darling:: =DD

issit really so hard to tell someone something
i am just afraid

Monday, September 25, 2006


went to eat with Terry*
@ geylang on the 22.o9.o6

mount faber with boss lady boss and my darling

sweet? lady boss and boss
went to his cousin's house after tt
sure win boxer xD

his god-mother and me =D
his god-father
sure win xD

a string to rmb sth =DDD
shopping with family

see the words?

our dinner at LAO DI FANG
anyway, today didn go to skool
doing my art now
so bored
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soonYan*:: =DDD hahaha!
jianFu::haha.. okok =)) why thanks??
i wanna change my blogskin
anyone help?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

our 3 monthsary = Jowen*s 3 months old

Jowen* is 3 months old
hope it remains the same
the same old happy love`in Jowen*

our problem is just that we are really always thinking too much
about each other
about wad each other is thinking
about wad each other is goin to do
and maybe we don't have much confidence?
as all we think is always bad
and we are too stubborn to accept wad each other is really thinking and doing
but no matter wad
i love him
happy 3 monthsary Darling !!

Friday, September 22, 2006

ART fever

was all about ART the whole day today
so tired now
took pictures in the art room of my classmates stress`ing about their art
need to go repair my phone again
its spoilt
so i can't upload any pictures
will upload when my phone is ok
or when someone buy me a new camera laa

i am waiting for someone
i am sleepy
guess i doesn't have to wait
hmm.. he've forgotten
oh well

HE remembered!! LOVE HIM SO SO SO MUCH

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nahyieve:: don worry.. the picture i took.. how can be pop out thingy? haha.. lets go out one day and i'll show u =)
kelly*::thanks =)
crystal*:: eh? i donno.. thanks anyway
mabel*::thanks!! haha.. u very fierce! exp. to LiPing* xD Love u too
xinHui*::HI! okok.. will link u !! nice to see u here
soonYan*::haha.. u say we 2 weeks sitting together le.. still miss u for wad? and u keep scolding me laa.. xD ok la.. wil miss u de la
jiaHao*:: haha.. thanks.. thanks!! [[by my Queen]] HAHA!!

YESTERDAY - 21.o9.o6

last paper for my prelims
ho ho ho!
stay back for art
teacher was not there
so went to canteen and have our lunch first
and some sec 1 or sec 2 boys fight
so funny laa
they throw rice everyti fly
don understand why when we were sec 2 we fight and throw rice or wad
we need to it up and even need to help the cleaners to clean the skool for punishment
they don need loh! the uncle who help to clean up
keep saying "hao hao.. Bery good Bery good !"
haha! say as if they fight like hero or sth

after tt went home and prepare to go out with yingRui*
went to PS after her movie with her parents
shun bian wait for muscleWOMEN* after her skool finish
nv get to meet her tho

preparing to go out

yingRui* JO JO

after tt i went home
darling finally call !!
he was out with his camp-mates
oh well . . .

was bored to death so took stupid photos xDDD

i am using friendster - DUH,i 've said i am BORED

alto my teeth is A BIT yellow`ish, coz its my fav colour, but its not as bad as tt laaa

i miss my darling
he is not here!

pretend its the real him, kiss kiss his picture

he is not here so FAN! KILL ME!

woot~!! saw sth!!

not porn laa..
why he pierce here and there
but he don let me pierce?
he is best laa!
he can i cannot coz i am 17 and he is 22 right?
LALALA.. no offence la darling

because 7-up ICE makes you drunk!
tts y i am so SIAO

smile like my Queen

the Queen entertain me ok!
i am a big shot xD

JO JO see JOJO do
ah HA! i am not a MONKEY LA
my palace is MESSY xD

i dig out my neo print and try on my scanner
i scared my scanner is bored den will go mad
so i use it =D i am good

mr. BENONI* and ME
the guy who went to NS
sorry for not calling
i always forget
will pick up the calls next time ok

muscleWOMEN* and me
just look at her smile
r u melted?
reply to tag
jianFu::thanks! very gan dong but i bet you won't come back to see my reply laa. Anyway, take good care of urself.. don think so much already.if she wanna be liddat, let her be
muscleWOMEN*::thanks! got ur pictures here nicer rite
meiLing*::thanks! u too =)
mabel*::thanks! =)
wenXin*:: thanks!! haha! i just cover up wad i am lack of and nv show u only ma.. i have so many ugly pictures..