Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I hope i never know anything

didn't have a good night yesterday
bone hurting me so much
skin very itchy
just feel like screaming
so many things running tru my mind
maybe i will feel better after i cry
but just cannot cry i donno why

went to see a Doc today
nv go take my prelim
my rashes is getting worst
the Doc suspect that i have a Dengue
feel so tired
gtg take a rest

reply to tag
DaMao::haha.. yup
soonYan*::blog early today and thanks for today for the Doc thingy =)) will be back tml
Bernard*::=DDD thanks Di Di
meiLing*:: yea! haha.. nice rite =x
wenXin*::thanks =)

all you care about is me?
its it real or wad u care about is only you yourself
care about my studies coz ur Godfather ask u to
i am sick
did you even ask?
you don even care
don bother to explain she is goin to marry to whoever
don bother to tell me how is she doing
do you think i really wanna know?
do you know i am so HURT?!
fuck it
i don even CARE!!
i just donno why i don feel upset
but i m very DISAPPOINTED in you

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