Wednesday, September 20, 2006

biology & art lesson

so sleepy now
just came back from my mother's work place
had my bio lesson and stay back awhile to use the light box
kinda lazy to continue with my art

melissa* and me

Mr.Mike's drawing so nice rite

just getting crazy

anyhow anyhow, LiKuan* love her musical notes


acting as if we r doing our work
but actually we are just anyhow drawing

nice? JOWEN the cat is by mike*

anyway, introducing this shop
for 17 yrs of my life
i find this shop's fruit juice is the nicest
i swear!
i found out tt
other fruit juice stalls sell their fruit juice by also adding in water
but this shop is really selling PURE fruit juice without water or anyti else!
must try !!!

reply to tag
loveHunter::thanks =D you are pretty! *shocked

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