Friday, September 22, 2006

ART fever

was all about ART the whole day today
so tired now
took pictures in the art room of my classmates stress`ing about their art
need to go repair my phone again
its spoilt
so i can't upload any pictures
will upload when my phone is ok
or when someone buy me a new camera laa

i am waiting for someone
i am sleepy
guess i doesn't have to wait
hmm.. he've forgotten
oh well

HE remembered!! LOVE HIM SO SO SO MUCH

reply to tag
nahyieve:: don worry.. the picture i took.. how can be pop out thingy? haha.. lets go out one day and i'll show u =)
kelly*::thanks =)
crystal*:: eh? i donno.. thanks anyway
mabel*::thanks!! haha.. u very fierce! exp. to LiPing* xD Love u too
xinHui*::HI! okok.. will link u !! nice to see u here
soonYan*::haha.. u say we 2 weeks sitting together le.. still miss u for wad? and u keep scolding me laa.. xD ok la.. wil miss u de la
jiaHao*:: haha.. thanks.. thanks!! [[by my Queen]] HAHA!!

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