Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Freshlook : FreshLook ONE-DAY color lenses for Party People (Advertorial)

Have you ever think of looking pretty and stand out in the crowd when you go to a party?
Yes, I know we are Asian with normally dark brown coloured eyes.
But I'm here to show you some magic!!
Of cos its FreshLook Color Contact Lens :D

Introducing FreshLook ONE-DAY color lenses!!!
Super convenient for party people!! (:
When you go to a party, its easy to wear.
After party, can just throw away!!

And yes! You can have more colors from FreshLook ColorBlends!!

FreshLook ColorBlends : Turquoise

FreshLook ColorBlends : Amethyst

(Pictures from CIBA Vision)

Visit FreshLook's official website for more information and try out all their colours!!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

CATS Classified Car-nival Rehearsal


I'm back from CATS Classified rehearsal!!
After the reheaarsal, the girls are so nice to accompany me to Tampines to buy things!
And also, we had a great dinner at Manpuku Japanese Gourmet Town

Deep fried dumplings a.k.a the 'Zha Zha' by Val♥

My sinful udon! Thanks to Rinee! Heh!!

Pan fry dumplings (:

The 3 hungry pigs is JOJO LAI, VALERIE LIM & RINEE ONG.
I don't know how Nathalie can have such self-discipline. Tsk!

With Val & our ice-cream!
Yes, we said we wanna share our Udon.
But instead, we didn't and we add on ice-cream!
All Rinee's fault!! =P

Pretty Val

Thank you Val & Rinee for accompanying me!!!

Today will be the last day to vote.

Visit to vote for your favourite!

I'm JOJO LAI contestant number 3!!!!!

The top12!!!
Photos from
Visit to to vote NOW!!!!

I ask my cat to give me some luck! HAHAHA! :D

Hello Miss Junior, please look at the camera!

*Turn & walk away and use her tail to touch my head*
Is that the good luck lil-touch? :D


BaoBei : I didn't get your text my dear!!! HAHA! Ya, I'm one of the oldest in the contest!! ):

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

CATS Classified Car-nival 2011 : Race Queens Pageant

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Jojo Lai

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You'll know I'm asking everyone to vote for me!!!

Ok, Picture time!!!
From us going for the audition...

Jocelyn Kau and Jojo Lai!!
Going into the audition room one by one (:

And YEAH!! We got into the top 12! Hee hee hee!!!
And getting ready for the Subaru shoot!
All waiting for the MUA to do our make up.

Hello Rinee! What are you trying to say?? I'm looking like a blur sotong!

Getting ready!

Rachel Lee, Rinee Ong, Jojo Lai, Valerie Lim
(I look so fat standing next to them!)

Take a look at our Subaru photos at

Number 3 JOJO LAI!

Happy girl is me! HAHA!

CATS Classified Race Queens 2011

The top 12!!!

Look at the candid pictures, I'm always look so happy!
You don't know where am I??
Look for the longest ghostly hair! HAHAHAHA!

MUA " Keep your pose! Don't bother about your hair! I'll fix it! STAY STILL!!"

Mr Kevin without the 'L' telling us to be good.
Photos taken from I LOVE SUBARU Fan Page

After shoot!! LUNCH LIKE A FINALLY!!!

I wasn't trying to take picture of the table.
I'm trying to put everyone into the screen.
At least I have Nisa in the picture looking cute!!! :D

Hello Nathalie, Valerie & Nisa!
Waiting for the nom nomz!

The other table of girls! Hee!

Everyone is soooooooooooo busy.
Look at Valerie,busy drinking , SOOOO CUTE!!
I'm busy taking pictures as well!

Remember to come and support me at CATS Classified Car-nival 2011
There are cars, car accessories, Parent & Baby Crawling Race and of cos..

Sunday, 10 July, at S'pore Expo Hall 5
Programme details
Semi-finals of CATS Race Queens Pageant
Parent & Baby Crawling Race
Maybank presents Amazing Animal Adventures with Explorer Joe
Photo Session with CATS Race Queens
Finals of CATS Race Queens Pageant
Photo Session of the Top 3 Winners
Buyers’ Draw

Sorry I don't have the English version.

Download QR code reader on your smart phone and scan this code.
It will lead you straight to the voting site!
If you're using your computer, go to

♥ : OK!
BaoBei : Hello BaoBei!!!
Guest : Thanks!!
Guest : Well, be careful! She is out again! Stay tune!
Alan : Hmm,, still good (: