Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dumb Nick

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Just now I was laughing a lil.
But when I read again, not as funny already.
But anyone who knows Nick* the dumb.
You can really imagin his face. Very funneh face.

Suddenly, feel like blogging more today!
Might blog even more later.
Still sick ): Very bad. Finished all my medicine. Still the same.

ButterButterButter. FriendsFriendsFriends.

Butter with Kai* Brandon* Jensen*
Saw lotsa people in the club! (:

With Kai* my club-buddy


Brandon*(I put the one with you at the back. Face not big already. HA!)

Jensen* Jojo* Brandon*

Jensen* Jojo* Brandon* Kai*

Jensen* Jojo* Brandon* Kai*
They always have the same face.
Next time take one picture will do. (:

See? Brandon* with the same smile and Kai* with the sleepy face.

Saw Edison* there.
Our next Da Ming Xing!

Both of them soooooo happy seeing him drink.


And even more... (:

Next was Nicky*
He was smart.
Take his own cup and pour the drinks himself.

The 2.. "Tah ah!"
Saw Jessabella* at butter.
Didn't get to take picture with her ):
Saw Melvin*...Know him for like 3 years already.
And...Guess what?
Ok. Never get to take picture with him also.

Saw Royston* and David* there too!
Can't remember who else.
Tooooo many of them.
Was a nice party night.

Shan*:: Ya. I think so too. Heh.. But funneh ah! You went for the church shoot?
Zee*:: I got it at far east plaza. Quite long ago.
SoonYan*:: When will you be free? Still studying?
(: :: Hey! You are? (:
Edison*:: Done. I don't know if theres anymore photos. Cos I return the camera already.
Kai*:: Siao ah? Since when your birthday is on the 21st? Don't understand.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AdvShoot, goodFood, Timbre, L4D

10Aug - AdvShoot@Hedipad

Shan* and I (:
Tired, take up so much of my sleeping time.

Any clue? Spot us on TV soon. HAHA.
Maybe can't even see our face.
Shan* went back early, her mum waited for her for like few hours.
They lied saying its ending soon.
Also sorry to S*n for waiting cos they keep us for so super long.

12Aug - Good Food with Mr.Brandon

Ikea meat ballz!

Forgot the name of the place. Its at Parkway.
Order so much. Only blog about the super shiok ones (:

13Aug - Timbre with the group, L4D

Mr Puff, Mr Matchstick, Keith* and Ivan* looking at the menu.

The sweet sweets! JiaHui* Jensen*

The band at Timbre.
We went there for them.
Their voice is... POWER


Ivan*(Look like baby) and Leo*

Boy band?

Nah...Keith* Leo* Ivan* Joses* Jensen*

Finally, something from my wish list appear!
And Jojo* is Jumping up and down, non-stop.

Nokia 6730 Classic!
Thanks S*n (:

Alicia*:: Its a job la. So can't reject also. HAHA
LiKuan*:: I miss you. Sorry, busy nowadays.
Lina*:: Thanks (:
SoonYan*:: Sorry, was not free. And I am sick.
Kim*:: No.. Ayo. You are pretty too, hot Kim*!
Bish:: Ya.. Going no more liao leh. Cos its food, later spoil.
Melissa*:: Sorry, was busy and sick.
Stephanie*:: Crazy, I never forget you. And I am nowhere near famous!
Michiyo*:: Not sure yet, still sick. ):
Ken*:: Soon! HAHAHA. Now can't, sick!
Kit*:: Alrighty! (:

Monday, August 03, 2009

JOJO back in SG (:

I am back! (:
With many pictures!
After I fix this lappy, I will post all the pics.

Guest:: I am back (:
Alicia*:: Ugly right ):
Yan*:: Cos HK is awesome!
SoonYan*:: Can! Call me ok? (:
Hao*:: HK is really great, I don't wanna come back. LOL
Jumbo:: Back from HK (:
Bish:: Free come get from me k? (: Or else no more liao
A-pek:: AH ha. Are you...?
Nikki*:: Geo lens (: Thanks!
Lina*:: Take good care of your body ok! (:
JiaHui*:: 10Q 10Q!! (:
Keith*:: Its ok lar. LOL

People always say "Love yourself before anyone loves you"
I always thought I know whats the meaning.
A few days back, I finally know whats the real meaning.
I won't say other definitions are wrong.
Just how deep you see.
Finally, I step deeper to see even more.
And I am really glad.