Monday, August 03, 2009

JOJO back in SG (:

I am back! (:
With many pictures!
After I fix this lappy, I will post all the pics.

Guest:: I am back (:
Alicia*:: Ugly right ):
Yan*:: Cos HK is awesome!
SoonYan*:: Can! Call me ok? (:
Hao*:: HK is really great, I don't wanna come back. LOL
Jumbo:: Back from HK (:
Bish:: Free come get from me k? (: Or else no more liao
A-pek:: AH ha. Are you...?
Nikki*:: Geo lens (: Thanks!
Lina*:: Take good care of your body ok! (:
JiaHui*:: 10Q 10Q!! (:
Keith*:: Its ok lar. LOL

People always say "Love yourself before anyone loves you"
I always thought I know whats the meaning.
A few days back, I finally know whats the real meaning.
I won't say other definitions are wrong.
Just how deep you see.
Finally, I step deeper to see even more.
And I am really glad.

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