Tuesday, August 29, 2006

why is it this way. can't control my tears anymore

don come to this boring blog anymore
only when i turn to become a more INTERESTING person den come back ok?
or else i m wasting you time here

think won't be blogging?
or maybe i will blog the next minute
i don even know wad i want
i don think its my moodswing control`ing me

wadever SHIT

my best is not enough for him
its my best
should i do sth?
should i let him go to find someone
who's best is more den enough for him

i am lucky
so he is UNLUCKY

ya ya

reply to tag

actually i have lotsa things to blog
but ya
somehow forget
will blog wadever i rmb

i nv believe in anyone but i choose not to believe in anyone else
and i just wan a "no i did not backstab"
and now it turn and become i m the one who backstab
and since when i say u backstab?
when i don even know u did when only z**** tell me sth is wrong between both of us
if tt thing is fake, ya.. they can happily fuck own ass
and if the person wanna break us up, for? and, why me?
actually ya, don need to think already
people around me tell me, its not worth it
and yup
i am happy this way and u r happy too
it will just be memories
and will not rmb how we ended this
and abt the disgusted face
i don even know when i give fuk`ed face or wad lan jiao face
aya.. just, maybe tt person is talkin about u and sth else
den i give lan jiao bin
nvm nvm
all the best to u and ur happy life now =D

reply to tag
SLOW*::ya. i love crying_and i hope u love me more den he does
crystal*::huh? when? i nv see u.. y nv call me?
relfy:: ya.. but.. nvm 4get it..
Li Rong*:: thanks ^w^
mabel*:: update`ed =D
nahyieve::thanks..really glad to have all of u here
minmin*::will explain to u when i see u ya? =D
kelly*:: thanks..!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


went to friendster and view huiMin*s profile and photo
feeling very weird
i saw a pic which was taken on my b'day
huiMin* and Jevonne* giving my birthday kiss
i really miss the days
i wonder wad i was told is true
but even if its liddat
we was still very good friends
even ppl talkin behind us
we will talk to each other and confront tt person together
but now
i know wad happened only someone one tell me
always hope this thing will go off when i don step into it
but i think things r getting worst
ppl r telling me more and more
choose not to believe but
there is also no explaination
only an expression on ur face
an expression tt brings me disapointment
wad can i do?

sometime i really feel useless
when i see someone i care is locking herself in her room and cry herself to sleep
i know there is sure sth u doesn't wan anyone to know
but i really wanna help

do u know how i feel now


today had our pratical prelim
i fail my bio by 1 mark
i bet i can't pass the overall
coz i nv see the last page of the physics paper
reach block80 for chicken wings at 8.30
b4 tt i ate breakfast prepared by mommy
after skool arounf 2 ate lunch with li kuan*
feeling so FAT now

mommy was at home when i reach home at 3
she hurt her eye
she poke her own eye and.. donno why
poor mommy
it hurt like hell
she hurt the comea of the eyeball

my sis is goin to Zouk tml
ladyz nite!!
donno why my sis don go clubbing with me
but i wanna go with her badly!
wonder how she look on the dance floor

hee!! i love the count down board!
i found it at soonYan*s blog

reply to tag
baoYu*::thanks for the tag! =D
mabel*:: thanks!!!
crystal*:: haha.. i will.. thanks
penny*:: thanks!!
nice know`ing u all were here
a BIG SMILE for all of you :D

Happy 2nd monthary <3

Happy 2nd Monthary
actually is meeting darling today
but.. too bad he is not free
=(( kinda disappointed

oh well

Monday, August 21, 2006

O LvL english oral exam

today after skool was my english oral exam
can give myself a "not bad" =D
nv really get stuck

in class was SH*T
i nearly slap someone =x
i know she say it for my own good
but also.. aya.. forget it

had a nice time with soonYan*
hua hua hua here and there xD
mood wasn't tt bad after all

ups and down
came back home and called darling
hmmm.. nvm
reply to tag
crystal*::thanks ;)
nahyieve:: yup.. sure!
daMAO*:: why?
soonYan*::thanks for coming to my blog =))))) and i blog`ed!
muscleWOMEN*::=) can't wait for the friday to come

thanks for coming
alto its just a few of u
but im really very glad
u all are the reason for me to blog

darling is in a bad mood?
nv call me for the whole day

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

sorry my darling.. nv felt so bad before

reply to tag
nahyieve::BOO back ! xD
ke lian
no one come to my blog

nv felt so bad before
sorry darling
won't shout at you ever again
wasn't in a good mood and my darling is trying to ask me nt to think anymore
and i shouted at him

i wasn't feeling so bad about the things tt had happened in school
but felt so bad for shouting at him

save me

mouth shouldn't exercise so much

back from school

sometimes i think i shouldn't talk so much
i learn sth call shut up
sometimes when u state the fact
people will think u are just jealous and wanna talk bad about who and who
its over
wad i've said is said
i know i won't regret saying coz im not in the wrong
i won't wanna care anymore

=) somehow wanna ask my muscleWOMEN* out
but i m tired!!
if u see this, just to inform u
i wanna ask u out on friday xD

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

things we DO in class

class was bored today
i just don catch wad teacher is teaching
can't concentrate
things just don get into my head
so we decided to go crazy in class
we draw on each other,eat,talk
someone even cut my hair xD

thats from our Ferdy*

NG WEE YANG* cut my hair!!

draw and draw and draw
nv see us so "yong gong" when having art lesson xD

take a look at this
before we are together
we've changed
a lot!!
from bad to worst=x

but i still love you a lot a lot!!

quizzzz.. i m bored... i miss my darling

i m freaking BORED!!
People Envy Your Generosity

You're a giving soul, and you'd do almost anything for those you love. And they'd do anything for you!
People may envy how giving you are, but more than anything, they envy those you open your heart to.


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You Are 8% Shy

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good good

You Have Low Self Esteem 48% of the Time

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Your Brain is 47% Female, 53% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
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i m more to a MAN

Your IQ Is 85

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Above Average

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Average

Your General Knowledge is Average

wahlao.. so low.. ah HA.. i m stupid

You Are 40% Gross

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No one can be perfectly clean all the time, and it's better to be human than a neat freak.


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wah.. shocked

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more to the bad side =(

He is a Man

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Your guy almost always acts appropriately
He's probably even very upstanding when you're not around
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haha.. coz for me he is perfect =X

You Go For Body!

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You prefer a guy who's exciting, a total flirt, and extremely attractive.

So what if he'll break your heart? At least he'll look great doing it!

wahlao.. no loh xD

You are a Cautious Red Light Dater

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b'coz i`ve met him

Doesn't Look Like Cheating, But Be Careful

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eh.. =((((((((

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my darling say PUI.. wthhhhh
wadever loh!

Your Ideal Hairstyle:

Sexy Waves


Your Ideal Marriage Proposal Is

A Christmas proposal, with lots of snow and city lights.

yeah1! i love it !!

You Are 48% Girly

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why m i always boyish?

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i want one!!!

reply to tag
crystal*::thanks.. can try to help u make 1 =)
daMAO*:: coz u r in my LOVE list already wad
wayne*:: u say one ah! LOL
meiLing*:: thanks.. u tc too !

Monday, August 14, 2006

new blogskin, lov`ing him more and more each day

darling is better already =D
today is a boring day
sleepy day
i nv take my nap!!
after skool have extra lesson with jevonne* esteen* qiBin*
they sure think tt we r damn noisy. HA!
not in a very good mood today
having stomache and backache

got my chinese 0s result on friday
gonna retake =(
score badly C5
after tt
both stress`ed girls went to buy chocolate
and prepare to go out with muscleWOMEN*
met her at cityhall and leave to newton
at the end we nv go out
she went home and i went to look for darling
boss drive us home and lights off !!
early in the morning[[saturday]] he went to work and i m still sleeping xD
until donno wad time i wake up and study a bit
think he called his mom to buy lunch for me, paiseh sia x/
after awhile boss came down asnd ask if i m goin down to the shop
i didn't follow their car and went down alone
accompany darling back and went to his cousins house for party
had a long chat with his god-father and he gave me his number saying if he bully me, i can call him[[better be careful darling xD]]
my darling was kinda drunk
chat with one of his auntie who wanted him as his god-son badly
his family is really nice C=
i believe my boyfriend is going to be a very successful person
[[sunday]]my darling cooks real nice !!
even the maggi he cook taste super duper delicious
he cooked his carrotcake for his uncles
and of coz i wanna try la xD
damn delicious ok!!
after tt his parents came back and just nice we were going off
took 154 1/2 way i wanna go toilet =x and we stop at a MRT station and took MRT back
on the way back, we chat alot
at tt time i feel tt he can be my best friend as well as my boyfriend
actually we always talk back to each other
but, ya, he is always the one who give in to me xD
simply just make me love him so much

me and muscleWOMEN* zi Lian king and Queen xD

baby Shea* looking at my darling drinking siao`ly

acting xD

my boss look so cute in the pic right? xD
don look as if he is drinking

reply to tag
crystal*::thanks! haha.. update`ed
daMAO*:: coz i know u won't come often wad
Kat*:: thanks =)
soonYan*:: haha.. he is ok.. =D

i m utterly disappointed with ...
don ask me who is ...
i will tell you if i want to
luckily i've got my darling and muscleWOMEN*
they are my only hope in the world
i've pass all my hope and trust to both of u
don ever break it ok?
love both of u lots
won't allow any one of u to walk away from me
hope to get my huimin* back
den i will have 3 LOVE ones
also not forgetting
i LOVE my primary skool darling who is there for me too !!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

his neck hurts, my heart hurts

darling met a car accident on the expressway with boss and lady boss
scare me
he hurt his back and his neck
poor thing

went out with my primary skool darlings
muscleWOMEN* with us too
watch *antBULLY
veryvery nice show
cute and meaningful
sorry for letting u all wait
oh ya! sorry to CK* for pangseh`ing u
went to PS to watch movie
den to heeren to take neoPrint
wanted to buy some earing from farEast
but its close when we reach
after tt went home with vampy* muscleWOMEN*
vampy* fell down on the way home
hope shes ok
she still can luff and call me to tell me it FUNNY tt she fell and everyone was like lookin at her
after tt went to have a chat with muscleWOMEN* till now
very very tired
gotta wake up at 7 tml
good nite!!

reply to tag
muscleWOMEN*:: wad kns?! lol.. miss u also la!! hope can see u tml C=

i donno why i don feel right
something is wrong
thanks for letting me feel better
thanks for everything
i really love u

Monday, August 07, 2006

I wonder what its like to not wonder about you.

guess darling is crazy playing his computer
ate Han's and was late

I wonder what its like to not wonder about you

reply to tag
crystal*::thanks =)
LiRong*:: you too!
wayne*:: i will
daMAO*:: LOL.. crazy.. but anyway, all de best !!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

IMM trip with mummy darling sis

nv go to skool this 2 days
actually today prepare to go skool
while preparing
i don feel well
so stay at home and rest
after tt take the homework from CK*
and we went to IMM
met darling at jurong east
and we[[me mummy darling]] went to IMM to meet my sis
she was shopping with her friends
had a fun time
will upload the pics soon!
2 more days i will get to see darling again!
date`ing my girls tomolo ^^

found out something silly
too childish i didn't wanna blog about it

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

are you...?

after looking at nahyieve*s blog
i decided to blog xD
You Are Super Spicy

You're a little bit crazy, a little bit naughty, and a whole lot of sexy.
You go beyond hot - you set people's senses on fire!

ah HA!!

How You Are In Love

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You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.


You Are A Jealous Ex

You're not quite over your past, and you are hurt that your ex is moving on
You're no longer in love, but you're not done with being pissed
Jealous of any happiness that comes your ex's way, you still can't let go

i've let him go

You Are 60% Boyish and 40% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.


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You're not ready to go walking down the aisle.
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And while chemistry is important, so is compatibility.

haha.. ya

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In almost any situation, you find yourself flirting - even when it's inappropriate.
You tend to embrace all flirting styles too.. from coy to sexy to playful to serious.
And if someone flirts back, you'll crank it up even more!

i don't xD

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It'd really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment.

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People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.


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You truly love Joan.
You consider Elisa your true friend.
You know that Yvonne is always thinking of you.
You'll remember Xin Ling for the rest of your life.
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You secretly think that Jie Ying is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.
You secretly think that Wayne is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Wayne changes lovers faster than underwear.
You secretly think Bee Er is shy and nonconfrontational. And that Bee Er has a hidden internet romance.

bee er* has a hidden internet romance?!?!?!

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You've perfected your kissing technique and can knock anyone's socks off
And you're adaptable, giving each partner what they crave
When it comes down to it, your kisses are truly unforgettable

so fun!

attitude problem

yesterday i went back to the shop and get my pay
only see him for awhile
donno y miss him so much
i donno why i m giving him attitude
not feeling very well
will not blog unless theres someti to be blog`ed abt
only after my Os, i will blog daily again

reply to tag
meiling*::thanks =D
wayne*:: =)) i love u
jiaHao*: thanks!
yvonne*:: u dua me la!
daMao*::i will.. =) thankss.. sorry.. 4get to blog abt tt idiot
ok.. anyway
about this idiot
did u ever have any ex-boyfriend who gave u something and ask them back from u?
donno y i hate him so much
he is a fu*king gay ok!
sorry.. i just freaking HATE this kinda AH GUA

sorry for my attitude problem
im try very hard to changed
i love u very much