Tuesday, August 22, 2006


went to friendster and view huiMin*s profile and photo
feeling very weird
i saw a pic which was taken on my b'day
huiMin* and Jevonne* giving my birthday kiss
i really miss the days
i wonder wad i was told is true
but even if its liddat
we was still very good friends
even ppl talkin behind us
we will talk to each other and confront tt person together
but now
i know wad happened only someone one tell me
always hope this thing will go off when i don step into it
but i think things r getting worst
ppl r telling me more and more
choose not to believe but
there is also no explaination
only an expression on ur face
an expression tt brings me disapointment
wad can i do?

sometime i really feel useless
when i see someone i care is locking herself in her room and cry herself to sleep
i know there is sure sth u doesn't wan anyone to know
but i really wanna help

do u know how i feel now

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