Tuesday, January 22, 2008


may all your wish come true~

wells, found out sth..
heard that my daddy owns a FaceBook account!!!
how IN!!!

How to not get fat you tell me.

Eating 12 wantan at this hour
How to not get fat you tell me?

Suddenly tot of having what im aim`ing to have
-New digi-cam
-PSP slim
-mini pig
-Driving license

need to work!

oh ya. when i was trying to search sth from this word TAURUS, a porn website came up -.-
well, the xxx is for you to find out if u love to watch porn. LOL

ChenEr*:: of coz! doing fine :D how are you?
LiKuan*:: ok~!
Jevonne*:: same here! Aya. i forget someone's bday is.... when huh?
Vin*:: ur welcome :)
GiGi*:: ya la! :D

Friday, January 18, 2008

New computer? hope i can get it by today. wells.. hope not like always...

Sorry for MIA`ing. My computer doesn't work properly. So.. hope by today i will get the new computer from my capricorn romance. Now at his house celebrating his birthday in advance :) had 2 rounds of steamboat already. Next time if i visit any place, I will climb the stairs. *Gain`ing weight in progress..* Anyway, quite excited about the new computer :DDDDD

Will blog about everything after i get the computer :DDDDDD <--- can see how happy am I

well well well................


LiPing*:: happy new year to you too! Thanks :D
LiKuan*:: i will be super happy to meet you la!! not BHB :)
SoonYan*:: lets meet up soon. I am always talking about my secondary school life. That shows how much i miss you too!!
Jensen*::Happy new year to you too! Thanks, I am much better. Anyway, see`ing you in like about 10 minutes after this post :P
passerby:: thanks. at least you make me feel i worth more :)
Nanny*:: thanks :)
Michiyo*::Thanks :) happy new year to you too!
JiaHao*:: thanks :)
Van*:: thanks for the hug. feel much better. i mean it :)
FeliciaTan*:: of coz i rmb you :) i will update when i get my computer
YiFan*:: teehee.. meet up soon laaaaaa :D

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

This will be my last unhappy x`mas and new year eve


alto its a new year post. Not wanting to start the post sadly
but still.. thats what i can say now.

X`mas was my favourate festival
but i've got the worst x'mas in 2007

New year eve is even worst
Promises are broken. Thats enough

what do you call a person who says that you are stupid and nv stop making fun of you?
what do you call a person who shouts at a girl infront of everybody?
what do you call a person who lie about everything?
what do you call a person who loves to tell others how shitty his girlfriend is?
what do you call a person who promise you to have something for you on new year 12 o'clock but he just went to sleep??

how much more disappointments must i get?
i've got lotsa bad things to blog about
lotsa bad human deeds i am seeing right now
anyone knows how sad am i now?
well, last one.... what do you call a person who locks another person up until the person can't even see anyone, message anyone, call anyone????

so sorry to start a new year this way. i dont't want it too..

Jevonne*:: yup. i am waiting :)
Steph*:: :)
JK*:: thanks. that night was fun :) thanks too!!