Monday, August 27, 2007

Velvet Dragon

Sick but still, went to club 2 nights in a roll with my fever. Just took my med and i am going to K.O soon.I've got some pictures to show but I wanted somemore pictures. but i don't know why no one send me any, don't bully me with that spoilt camera :( and some pictures are edit`ed. And the pictures are also pictures of me with the new haircut.



Jamie*:: see the pics? very soon we will meet up again :)
Mabel*::sure! i miss you too!!
LoveHunter:: ok. no prob!
LoyLoy:: ok~ anyway, why youput LOYLOY?
Stanley*:: no prob but gotta see if i am free or not:)
Nahyieve:: all the best! JiaYou!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Taurus Romance is getting LAZY

Helloooo. my computer is really dying so didn't get to blog. Running a fever now and tomorrow i am having my O lvl oral exam. don't have any pictures to blog. sorry, taurus romance is getting lazy. And.... I CUT MY HAIR!!! will post up "after hair cut" pictures soon! :)

Vampy:: did you call me?? i nv recieve any calls from you.
Stanley:: you can tag on my blog :)
frankyraven:: hong kong is great :)
Jiahao:: thanks.
wilson:: thanks!!
Jamie*:: so sorry for that day, hope to meet up soon. :) loves
nahyieve:: HELLO! where you MIA to??
Kenny:: THANKS! i will call you :) so funny, you just post your phone number here. later someone disturb you ah!

don't ask me why. don't even know what i am thinking. feeling so messed up.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

online shopping - kelly's blog

hello :) I am here to intro you a webby. Online shopping site, with pretty things like bag, clothes... And of cos with an interesting and pretty blogger. Heres
Kelly*s blog :: . Enjoy your shopping at her site :) Interested buyers can contact her by email ::

Jamie*:: meeting on the 13th right?? :D
JiaHao*:: thanks !
jellyjo:: i am FAT. haha. all the best for your exams and test!!
wilson*:: thanks !
relfy:: i am always free for you girls :)
Stanley*:: i am not working anymore

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