Tuesday, August 07, 2007

online shopping - kelly's blog

hello :) I am here to intro you a webby. Online shopping site, with pretty things like bag, clothes... And of cos with an interesting and pretty blogger. Heres
Kelly*s blog :: www.s-dnomsed.blogspot.com . Enjoy your shopping at her site :) Interested buyers can contact her by email :: xiao_toot@hotmail.com

Jamie*:: meeting on the 13th right?? :D
JiaHao*:: thanks !
jellyjo:: i am FAT. haha. all the best for your exams and test!!
wilson*:: thanks !
relfy:: i am always free for you girls :)
Stanley*:: i am not working anymore

heartbroken <>


vampy said...

your never free for us!!!!!!
... your never free for me =(
i miss the times whereby everyday we go out together.. after school i'll go find you! etc! but now.. i call you.. you dont even pick up =(
im so sad!! =(

btw, why are you heart broken o.o

Anonymous said...

stanley here...so you are not working anymore....so how am i able to find u in future??

frankyraven said...

Hello jojo, frankyraven here long time no tag you liao le hows ur journey back to hongkong ??? any memories to let you recover when u went back there ??? hehe.. =) still remember me ma ??

jiahao said...


this online shopping site is better

Wilson said...

Nice post up.. hehe!Hope you have a great time lookin up and shopping.Btw, is everythin alrite?Why are you heart broken? =0 Hope things will be well again soon.

JaMie<*3 said...

hi gal.. e outing e other time would be SUPER NICE if THAT person nv tag along.... argh... haha.. nvm.. are u wearing e necklace i gave u?? haha. if nv wear i'll kill u lo.. and say in ur face..

gal.. why are u heartbroken?
stay happy la...
ur friends wont like to see u heartbroken!!
share it to ppl u comfortable with?
don bottle things up ok?
take care!!!
love ya..<*3


nahyieve said...


loy loy said...

jojo... u wan to have maths tuition rite?.. next wed ard 3pm++
with michiyo...can? i will be there to teach...

anything contact me lo...

loy loy said...

btw i name my blog loy loy...

but u should noe kenny bahh...