Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Freshlook : Style Stars(Advertorial)

Hello! Do you love my eyes?
I love my eyes when its bolder and brighter with Freshlook Illuminate(:

Wanna have your eyes looking like Rainie Yang?
It's as simple as ABC! :D

So irritated to see my eye with so much of the "eye white" LOL!
I want a larger and chio'er iris!!

Spot the difference with this and the previous photo! :D

Before wearing Freshlook Illuminate and after!

Obvious enough?? What do you think??

Confident level up with a pair of nice eyes!!

The eye is the window of the soul (:

Isn't that simple?
Even as a blur queen, I also know how to "Zheng" my eyes ok! HA!
Why wait??
Get yourself a few box of Freshlook Illuminate and you'll easily achieve eyes like Rainie Yang's!
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Wake up my dear blog!

It's the month of TAURUS!!
I might be busy soon as my relatives are coming to SINGAPORE!! Hee!!!
I'll blog often even if its just a short post ok?
Stay tune! Still haven't get the papers.
Will post it up soon!!

Shan : Hmm.. I don't think both are the same person.. Where you move to?
Icarus : Thanks! Will post the artical up soon!
Blueberry : It is just to help me clear my name. Help me pass around ya? Thanks!
Eda Ong : Thanks! Help me pass around too! (:
Endless sorrows : Yup, that pic was taken when we met up with her. Btw, your name is so sad! Cheer up ya!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Imposter : Serene Huang

People asking me what happen on Twitter.
I'm gonna roughly blog about it.

Who claims that 1yr back, she looks like...

Yes, me.. And she go around flirting with guys WITH girlfriends!
Not only that, someone actually came and ask me to return them money when I don't even know what happened.
Now I know why.. Cos, Serene Huang's Facebook account is fill with MY PICTURES!
She uses my picture to ask guys out thru Facebook.

Too bad, she mess with this group of people who are powerful enough to look for me online.
S created a Hardwarezone thread(Click to view) to look for me. AND THEY FOUND ME!

So they start to ask her if she really looks like me. She insist! Saying, before she was fat, she look like my picture! They gave her chances to own up. Instead of telling the truth, she started to scold vulgarities, scolding their parents...
So, we decided to head down to a place where she was suppose to celebrate birthday with her boyfriend - A
(A is a guy who knows that she is not me but help us to lie to Serene and make her come out with him.)

When we reach the location, S asked her face to face, you sure the picture is you??
Serene reply, yes! When she was slim.
And, I appear in front of her, she just kept quiet.

After all the talking, she promise me,
-She will NOT delete her account but she will post something to declare Jojo is NOT her.
-She will apologise on her Facebook wall
-She will NOT use my pictures to ask guys out
We've asked her to do it once she get home.

But after a day, not keeping her promise,
she deleted everything in the account and block everyone.

So we msg and call her,
she said, she don't have the time to log in!
OMG! No time log in can change profile name!!!!
Never mind, we gave her another chance.
So she PM me on Facebook, saying she deleted everything in her profile and put up her real pictures already.
No point deleting anything because what I want is just to have my name cleared.
Not to have her showing her face.
So I asked her to keep her promise. (AGAIN! I'm giving her another chance!)
NOW, she still insist that she is right. And delete the whole entire account without doing any declaration!!
Serene Huang, I've give you more den enough chances, you didn't think that you are wrong, don't blame me if I take any legal action towards you.

At first I still tot she was quite poor thing lar!
But now I think the poor thing one is me can?!?!
Ok, will update again when the story goes on...

You can read this note my friend Stella wrote
about the whole incident.

Guest-Xue : Thanks (:
Guest : ???