Friday, May 20, 2011

Freshlook : TAURUS(Advertorial)

Taurus-romance wishes all Taurus babies a happy birthday and may all your wishes come true!!

Wanna know more about Taurus?
You're at the right place! Hee!!
Lets roughly talk about the biggest point of a Taurus.

People normally thinks that we are stubborn.
What I can say is, we are persistent and determined for our own points when we know that we are right.

So.. as a Taurus, I only do things my way. If you make me do something that I don't like, no matter how much you push me, I'll nv do it. HA! And I realise one thing about Taurus girls, we don't need to dress up too much but we'll look good!!! :P

As for me, I love to be simple but of cos, stand out in the crowd!

Simple & sweet colours.
I personally thinks that Pure Hazel & Honey suits me (:
What about you??
If you prefer just big and nice asian eye,

You might wanna pick this!!

I've been always wearing DAILIES FreshLook Illuminate!
Its very convenient for me as a lazy Taurus. HAHAHA!
I'm so gonna get FreshLook ColorBlends!!! :D
Stay tune!!! I will be back with different eye colour!!

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