Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Move on. The taurus

Happy memories =) Its time to move on
Don't even remember when was this picture taken.
Saw it at Jensen*s friendster.

Osaris :: I hope so. hee
LiKuan*:: no problem =D Singtel girl thingy is done by my monkey boss. He itchy hand so he was the one who post it up. Haha.
Mr. Unknown:: I wasn't anygry at all. Don't worry.
Denise*:: You won't be ugly la girl!! Nope, don't think so =(
BlueberrySWEET :: what did I do?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tired ah!

On the way to UAP

I love this picture so much. =D

My handsome brother =D

Ok, theres quite a number of photos taken.
But I need to take a rest now.
Blog later =D

LiKuan*:: LOL. tell you next time
blueberrySWEET:: Which picture??
Mr Unknown :: LOL. Don't disturb la. And both me and Ed* know was you when we guess who is it.
Denise*:: Never.. See you at night??
Orsaris:: Nope. but its reaching!!!!!!! =DDDDD

Friday, April 25, 2008

Love,hate, whatever..

Don't really remember what to blog.
Anyway, received my 1st birthday present for this year =)
From the Queen and sis, I said wrongly, its a wallet =D
Don't know if its ex or not. Just love it sooo much!

Anyway, just saw my past posts and monkey's older posts.
Realise everytime when we end a relationship, you will see the truth.
Facts that can't be changed and sometime people just misunderstand.

Monkey boss:: ya, its up and finally my name is also up at seductive. LOL. Then which name you want me to put you as?
LiKuan*:: I miss you more. =D which two person?
Osaris:: Not really busy =)
lambu:: what a name? LOL don't disturb la
Annabelle*:: okok! No problem! haha. cute right =D
blueberrySWEET:: I know you emo. Worst then me. Coz everything to you also hide inside your heart. No way out, one day you will go crazy. I blog means i said it myself what. No difference =P Anyway, sorry make it mistake, its a guess wallet. So happy =D anyway, stop laughing at me.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

So sleepy

This morning, smile`ing all the way coz of.. heh
Although I feel kinda sick but still, in quite a good mood. You know why :)
Until, don't bother to talk about that anyway =) I am still smile`ing
Now I know by using firefox, my blog looks ugly =(
Will try to take more pictures and post =D

Blog this to tell LiKuan* that she is such a random sweetie =D
She miss me going to the toilet when I was still in the same class as her.
LOL. How sweet. I miss those days too!

Template updated. Stop nagging xD

Osaris:: Yup. Writting it somewhere and only share with the close ones really works =)
blueberrySWEET:: Thats your promise. Don't break it =)

Just so sweet =) so if you know I am talking about you, don't act stupid and ask me ok?

The world is so small

No pictures today. All with monkey boss.
Anyway, there is this person who used to hit the jackpot of what I am thinking
He msg me in WG. Telling me to hang on there when i think he saw my blog.

So today, coz of some prob, I went to Tanglin police station.
And there is this police talk to monkey and tell him that he watch his shuffle video.
LOL. I thought it was so funny.

When I get back home, I realise they are both the same person.
So OMG can?!?!!
Okok. Singapore is small. And who the hell will think that I would go to Tanglin police station??

Anyway, thanks Chris* for driving around.
Thanks monkey BOSS for helping. I feel so bad!

Well well. things affected me. Sorry, I am in a bad mood. Too many things to think.
I think I need you, quite badly. And I don't know why

blueberrySweet:: Work place come my blog =D
Jeannie*:: okok! will call you soon!
Osaris:: not really, just luck
jackson:*:: ok
Jevonne*:: haha. pretty la. crazy
Miki*:: Lazy to make it smaller. haha

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

east coast park with Chris* and Jevonne*

Gee. Just came back from ECP =D
with Jevonne* and Chris*

Finally I've got chicken wings!!!
Wanton mee was nice too. But too spicy

Chris* trying very hard. LOL

The happy Jevonne* 1st to win the CJ7.

Chris* got this =D and its yellow!!!

After awhile I got 2 more. Different colours

Gee.. cute right?? The white one is still inside, so one day I'll bring it home also.

Was sitting at the beach. ECP lotsa memories.
To me, and also to Jevonne*
Anyway, message to a few...
Jevonne* don't know if its right to bring you there. Well, cheer up!!
Chris*, sorry.. Don't know if I am too straight forward towards answering your questions.

Well well, Mdm Jerbong* said that if i never sleep early, she will da wo pi gu till I become ba zhang. So.. Nights!!!

blueberrySWEET:: Thanks. I know and I really appreciate that. But how long you will be here?
Osaris:: Thanks. Thanks for the support!!

Reply to commentz
Jesterina:: gee.. Thanks! =D

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mixed up

Finally, I re-new my ATM card. Thanks for helping me check online.
We went into the shopping mall and the bank has this close sign hanging already.
So, lucky to have a ah beng, he just go in. Ok la, actually he ask them nicely =)
everything done by him, thanks =D

Finally again, I went to kbox =)
And its the 1st time I sing all the way, coz chris* shy
After that, waited like going 1 hour for cab!!
Cab drove in, when they reach us, they are on call
Or else hired
So, we walk to the taxi stand, happily seeing the taxi sign
But guess what?

Uncle sleeping inside =(
Thats all... isn't in the right mood

blueberrySWEET :: (= someone scold me for my Queen hor? The song, it was the past. How you know I am sleeping?
Osaris:: I hope so, or maybe what you see is just the surface.
Denise*:: Never. =( heh. not ike I never see you in real before.
Jackson*:: ad here huh.. thanks anyway
Jovi*:: oh. bully la! Haha, I don't know yet =P Anyway, all the best for ur studies!
Steph*:: Thanks. ok.
Likuan*:: Coz too stupid
Peek a boo:: LOL. smell like cine. you arh?

Reply to commentz

Anonymous :: Who is the lucky guy or girl? who are you to ask =P sorry, don't like to entertain anons
Jesterina*:: =) now, I know. and you are so smart =DDD Thanks

Monday, April 21, 2008

*smile`ing to myself

I post this for you =D
You put on a smile on me early in the morning!
BIG BIG smile for you!!!

Somehow I feel that, I have no confidence at all

Back from pasar malam

Is it pasar malam or pasir malam?
Nvm. just try to get what I mean.
Eat eat eat. Fat fat fat.
But at least I am happy =D

Can't wait till may.
Teehee.. so excited.
But always when I am excited and put so much hope with something,
always when I thought it would be a happy day,
things will come out just opposite from what I've been thinking.
So.. this year.... will it be what I want it to be?
No matter what, I am so excited!!

Will post up some pictures when i settle everything =)

Blueberry Sweet :: Lazy pig is you. Don't know who slack the whole day of today =D
Likuan :: I miss it too!! Woah.. CK* is used to it, even we don't say anything they will still get for us. =DDD The song is very old la. HAHA
Osaris ::Ya, and its kinda bad

Who is here to read my blog in the morning? Hee.. Hope the person is ........ *smile`ing to myself but at the same time, maybe I think too much.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Once... ....

Super love this song. Was so long ago when I was like sec 4?
Alto they can't really sing and not really that handsome.
View this MTV and try to know the lyrics.
*post edit`ed*

* deleted*

I don't know

Just came back from MOS.
Don't know why I just wanna blog.
Wasn't enjoyable last night.
Will blog about it when I am ok.

Shanon*:: ya! I get it in the middle of the night and it wakes me up )=
Osaris:: yup. still waiting
Blueberry Sweet:: =)
Jovi*:: I prefer muah chee. hahaha. coz har gao was just a joke. LOL. Just came home from club. I wanna club till I start work. coz after that i can't enjoy anymore!!! )=

*Read the hidden taurus* If you know what I mean (=

Well, it is simple to say I don't know.
Things have changed.
I don't know what to say.
I don't think you will read this anyway..
maybe... bye...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Don't temp me!

hehh. So many people going to club!!
And I am rotting here. )=
So tempting!!
Anyway, thanks for asking friends.

Blueberry sweet:: ok. now your name is blueberry sweet. Coz you had that yesterday.
Denise*:: I saw your blog. I am not studying anymore =( hehh.. You look so nice. coz I saw your post. theres a pic there.

Jurong Hill

Went to Jurong Hill and chill.
LaoGong* have not send me the photos of mos yet, I will post only if I've got them all.
Will post pictures of Jurong hill

The view from on top (= so pretty
So refreshing. The wind blow away all my stupid thoughts.

Introducing Chris - CJD* LOL
say hello

Say i emo, you then emo

Shuffle shuffle. hehh

Photographer of the night, Edison - LJZ*

Aka zi lian monkey king

Hehh. Bottle very nice right? Can't see my ugly face la =D

LiKuan*:: Its [[as time goes by]] by Cyndi wang*
Blueberry sweet:: sure or not
jiahao*:: sorry, do I know you?
Shanon*:: ok. thanks (=
Osaris:: I am not studying and not working. I am a useless pig for now =D

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I was kidding

I was kidding on the previous post. Just having mood swing.
First time ever in my life i chatt`ed on the phone for 4 or 5 hours.
Plus point is... its after ladies night..
heh.. 19 already!!!
Love you!!!
Will post up pictures when I recieve them =D

shanon*:: yup. I am ok already... I think?
Blueberry Tea:: You want me to link you? i don't know reply which name
LiKiuan*:: meet up soon!! haha. I miss schooling with you too!!
Jensen*:: Ugly till where ? not ugly la!
guohao:: huh?
Joan*:: I am not working. =)
Jovi*:: thanks. anyway, you call me har gao girl, your girlfriends calls me muachee. so which one? haha
Jevonne*:: monkey what. LOL
HANDOME boy aka blackass:: Edison* send so post lor
IKKAKU:: ???

OK. I know what i should do

Bye bye

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Paragon and night out with Monkey,Jensen* and Jevonne* - total 38 pictures

Went to shop at town yesterday after Monkey boss's work
He wanted to eat and he choose to eat at cine so we went there at 1st.
Chris* and his friends were there for movie..
After Monkey eat, we went to look for Jensen* at his work place.

While waiting for Jevonne* to reach, we play at the toy section
You can see how monkey he is....

He put his monkey princess with a prince. I find the monkey scary.

See? nothing he don't touch. He even pull the ball out from the paper packaging

I draw this at 1st

And I saw how he draw i think very nice.. so I wanna do it again

after awhile Jevonne* reached and she wanna eat so had her lunch at paragon

Jensen* came to meet us after work.

Monkey thinks that this picture looks like me and Jensen* are playing scissors paper stone and jevonne* is sad coz she can't play. But actually we are saying, took too many picture with flash and we see lotsa light on each other's face.

I am fast, can't take

I take you

You take me

heh heh heh. again.

The camera's flash problem

Monkey don't know how to put timer. Haha.. cannot blame, my camera too old.

Finally but I spoil the picture =x

Jensen* was hungry after work, so eat AGAIN! 3 times already, different people eating

Don't know why he send me this but the picture is cute!

After slacking at cine for awhile, we went to monkey boss's house

Jevonne* playing her mahjong online.
Everyone is like watch and helping her. And I don't even know anything about it =(

Jensen* very interested!

So, I play polly-pocket. Childhood game =D

Try to use the small small comb

Taadarrr~ My creation

Was hungry, Jevonne* and I wanted to order MAC den Jensen* went to bathe and Boss disappearrrr...
Went out to see what both of them doing..
Hehh!! Boss cooking maggie for us!!!

I never see people cook maggie with wok
So its the 1st time and all of them also say they uses wok

Very yummy!!! After that chris* and Yusri* came.But Yusri* left early coz its his 1st day of work the next morning. All the best!

Jensen* went home. Jevonne* and Boss sleeping, me and chris* had a small chat

Can't see the stars glow ='(

Told you he is monkey, people sleep wanna disturb.

Until boss wake up, chris went to sleep. But Jevonne* is late for school and Boss is late for his training.

Don't think only you like to disturb me ok! I took your this unglam pic. HAHA.
Ok la. don't look bad. But at that time boss is grinding his teeth. sooo loudly.
And don't know what his hand doing la. xD

Today 1st day of school. heh heh.. Al the best for everyone =D
anVo*:: I did and disturb BC =D
JiaHao*:: I didn't talk about that...
Passerby:: nope. I wasn't there last friday if I never remember wrongly
Blueberry Tea:: LOL. blueberry tea lor.
HarryQ*:: Thanks =D
Thanks for tagging, but sorry, I am lazy to reply about that matter =D

Good Morning Blueberry Tea!!!!
I know you will read when you wake up =D