Monday, April 07, 2008

Can't stand it

I can't stand it when people say they hate you so much coz of your stupid attitude, your looks or what ever, but at the end, they run to you and beg you to go back to them.

"Baby i hope you can give me this last chance... and i will promise you that i can do it.. i wont let you down this time...
i really regret of wat i did this morning...
let me prove to you that i can do it okie?
i promise you with my life...
i hope you can give me another chance okie?"

I am so sick and tired of all this repeating over and over again. Please stop it, if you say you regretted doing all this ( which is not the first time you are doing it ) why are you doing it without thinking? (again)

How many times I need to waste my life moving around this cycle of no ending??
Can't you see I nearly call the police if you didn't appear? After taking away my phone, wallet and everything?
You won't want me to tell others what you did to me in this 7 months relationship.
Let me go please..

So please, mean what you say, you've said we are from different world and you said you suffered. So, don't come begging me to go back..

LiKuan*:: crazy, my food won't poison you ok!
Kelly*:: oh ya! nice :D
Jevonne*:: ya. Actually not that scary seeing the pics.
Mabel*:: ok :)

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