Friday, April 11, 2008


Lazy to even explain. People, just judge for yourself, adding on to what you all usually see in me and him. Know us well before judging.
Anyway, he came to knock on my door again, from afternoon till donno when. He msg the queen, my sis, with a lot of things, telling them bad things about me like I smoke with him and what i did with him and everything.
Luckily i told my family everything and they know about it. So nothing wrong but i know my sis thinks that he is trying to dig out shit.
Forgetting what my sis reply him, he said this scary thing"don force me to do it in a hard way" or sth.. So we decided to report it to the police, coz nobody knows what he will do as he is scary enough to.. well, friends know what he can actually do.
Police ask if I wanna charge him, but well, again.. another chance

Questioning myself, why am i so stupid?
there is no tears anymore.
but i feel so heartbroken.
I feel that he never love me before
cos he feel nothing after this
he even told me its his fault to even make me like him at the 1st place.
Whats this?

Sorry, don't feel like thinking. Sorry for not replying to tags, sorry for not blogging photos.

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