Monday, April 21, 2008

Back from pasar malam

Is it pasar malam or pasir malam?
Nvm. just try to get what I mean.
Eat eat eat. Fat fat fat.
But at least I am happy =D

Can't wait till may.
Teehee.. so excited.
But always when I am excited and put so much hope with something,
always when I thought it would be a happy day,
things will come out just opposite from what I've been thinking.
So.. this year.... will it be what I want it to be?
No matter what, I am so excited!!

Will post up some pictures when i settle everything =)

Blueberry Sweet :: Lazy pig is you. Don't know who slack the whole day of today =D
Likuan :: I miss it too!! Woah.. CK* is used to it, even we don't say anything they will still get for us. =DDD The song is very old la. HAHA
Osaris ::Ya, and its kinda bad

Who is here to read my blog in the morning? Hee.. Hope the person is ........ *smile`ing to myself but at the same time, maybe I think too much.

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