Friday, March 28, 2008

Yea, I am selfish

If you think i am wrong, just go your way. But don't regret for not listening.
Things are happening over and over again, when you wanna quarrel, ask your mum to call me just to scare me and your mum simply ask, how much did I pay for the bag. Use your bro's msn. What more you wanna do? everything is happening over and over again... Tell me who is childish when I just stay at home. Childish you calling me?

Told you to have a peaceful break, you don't want, you want another chance again. How many chances have i given? I know what you are going to do next. You just can't take it that it was me that wanna let go. You will do something harmful, mentally and physically. I know it.. How I hope you treat me like her, just MIA.

Sorry for beinging mean. Maybe lotsa people will hate me coz of just listening to your story, but still, thats the path I choose. I won't regret.

I never regret letting you go, just a bit regret that I still treat you as a good friend.
Don't do anything harmful, coz I've said don't regret.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

injured Queen

The Queen injured her eye. There is a lil hole at her cornea. Before that she hurt her cornea before but now, the wound is open again. Poor Queen. So.... Its JOJO cooking time!

The queen. resting

Which camera man? LOL

The right side of the ginger is cut by me. The queen saw it and so, she cut them herself. :( but at the end I still pass the test :D

Rice!! Potato rice!!

Taadaaarrr~ With chicken wings, egg with tomato, potato, veg, AND CALLED THE WONDER SAUCE!! :D
All done by me. Only the wings are marinated by the Queen.
:D All of us are happy :D:D:D

After eating, he vomit`ed. :( nvm.. be soo happy to be the 1st who eat a meal fully cooked by me, successfully, OK?!!

Oraclesis :: ??
Likuan*:: yea! tomolo ah! Kbox ah!
jackson*:: thanks. But I am not angry :)

The previous post is not to my close friends like Jevonne* Yvonne*..not to anyone that came and talk to me, but to people who come and stalk on my blog. To you,"Smell farts everywhere you go." lOL. I am meanieee

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Its my freedom to so anything

Well, people say I've nv grow up because I don't listen.
Ask me why I will still be with him when I know very well what he is going to do and make the same mistakes again.
But please think. If everything I can think tru my brain and that means I am not listening to my heart. Its not love anymore.

So don't ask me why is it ending like that,.. stop telling me,"This time you walk this path, why didn't you listen to us and you patch with him earlier? And i am sure this time you will go back to him again"
I am now going to explain (but please please, don't assume that I am angry coz I am really not). Because i am so sure i won't want to regret and I am sure I will regret if he really did change, and I never give him a chance. NOW I know and I won't regret for giving him the last chance even he doesn't treasure. I won't regret in anything, letting him go and everything I did before. Afterall, see who is the one regretting. Remember it remain in ur heart for a lifetime.

And for KPO PEOPLE, please stop all this. Don't bother asking my friends ," eh they both break up already huh? I saw it from her blog leh!" its not the 1st time I am hearing this from friends and my own sister. You read it on MY blog, so isn't it the primary source? so why ask others??

I can't tell you what future is like. So don't ask me will I still go back to him or what, I've told you, I DON'T DO ANYTHING WHICH MAKES ME REGRET.

As a taurus baby, REMEMBER THIS, I only listen to MYSELF and listens to things I, MYSELF think is right. Can't take it, leave it.
Sorry, I am not as soft as what you think.

:D :: I pluck and I touch up by drawing the back.
Vin* :: Coz you are crazy. LOL take such photo
LiKuan* :: aya, don't worry, he supports you. LOL
Bunny :: yea! taurus!!
SoonYan* :: thanks
laoGong :: thanks! you always got something for me.
Jackson* :: thanks
Jeannie* :: thanks! thanks for support`ing
Miki* :: ok
DAte :: Thanks. but I only chat with people I know on msn
Edison* :: at least no ass crack right?! LOL. Also from your blog.

still friends, vin :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Special thanks

After the previous post, guess what? I was so so so shocked
The 1st person who SMS me is.. Some one that is not that close with me, someone that I know from some stupid past.

Kelly, thank you. Your message really shocked me :) but it cheer me up quite a lot.
Maybe you are going tru something similar to my situation.. lets cheer up :)

Haha, somehow i find it weird that we can be friends because, same thing that happened to us in the past is happening again, NOW. But a bit different, me and you isn't enermy :) But just to let you know, you are the only good thing that TA*(rmb?) "gave" me.
Nice knowing you :D

Anyway, thanks to Vanessa* who called me also :) and the rest of you who tag. THANK YOU!
Feel so much better.

Feel kinda drunk now. So only upload some of my webcam pictures. :DDD sorry ah, I just like my face all over my blog. OH YA!!! MY OLD CAMERA SUDDENLY CAME TO LIFE AGAIN!!heh heh heh~ I am going to take soooooooooooooooooooooo many pictures!!!

Ya la. ugly romance la.

I LOVE my blog ok!

The picture up next is rated M18. So if you are underage, please close your eyes.


Baby,Don't say I never post your picture ok?!

LiRong*:: thanks. will link you too!
LiKuan*:: Thanks. Your tag really *SLAP* and wake me up from being bu4 zhi1 zhu2.
Jackson*:: donnot. maybe nafa, most prob is ITE. LOL
Jevonne*:: thanks. thanks for last night too!!

Late by one day.
But i will blog about it tomorrow

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well wel, thats life

Wells, so many words I wanna scream.
So many things I've see.
So many things I've heard,which is hard to know which is true.
So many dreams thats so real.
Makes my life change.

So many things I wanna scream but I donn't how to phrase and voice out.
(so don't tag me about this, talk to me on msn)
Sometime because I donno what is the real truth, so I don't wanna say anything.
But after that, things I've heard is true, its saddening.
Although this thing is happening maybe because of someone who I've talk to only twice.
Well... yes, this is childish but still, its happening. I never even thought this would happen at my this age. I don't hope it to happen. But I've heard what others are telling me, I will try to see if this time I am right again.

Why I am blogging about this is because I know something is going to happen.
Yes it will affect me.

Thing i've dream about, and shows I've watch (ok, it sounds stupid)
makes me wanna treasure everyone around me

But its impossible to satisfy everybody right?
Thats how hard life is.

Maybe writting on blog is wrong because to write and let no one misinterpret even a small paragraph of text is almost impossible.

Not trying to be emo.
To lost someone who is giving me trouble is ok, but this someone is even trying to make me lost people that who deserve to be treasure by me. What can I do?

I am not someone who like to talk things out anymore.

Baby:: Tranny. LOL
LiKuan*:: haha. thanks. OK loh like that say means i always angry la!
Jackson*:: thanks!
Michiyo*:: huh? sorry i don't understand.. which course you in huh? but i register already, can't change already. Anyway, i hope we can meet up soon to talk more too! (read your blog!!)

no photos sorry!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New cap :) by lovely queen*

Nothing much today, everyone cried at the airport... don't like to be in such a emo environment

well, about things happening today, ...
The Queen hand-made a cap for me :DDDD

So.. i wear it to capricorn's work place.
We took pictures too!!
Actually I like the way I look when I am wearing the cap. but in the pics, WE LOOK SO STUPID!

OK. thats all.. need to sleep
Oh ya. I broke my tooth. LOL. And, i am banned from eating sweets :(

Jackson*:: haha. everyone's life different. and not that you can't just it not time. b'coz when u finish up ur work, you can enjoy to the fullest, but me i need to start working hard after I walk into school life.
Miki*:: meet up soon ok? =D stay pretty!! love your eyes
Jeannie*:: HEY!!!! I MISS YOU!! Meet up soon!!
Vin jie:: EH?!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cafe' Cartel

Cafe' Cartel @n PS on baby's off day :)

Baby, thanks for the day. Its really GREAT!! To me its a expensive coz we are still not earning a lot. What if I got hooked on the food? ( luckily I didn't ) Well, Don't so she chi, if you know what it mean.

Well, some of the food was nice, but suddenly our side blackout. LOL. The food was served but without any fork and spoon. There is a few stupid and chidish people in the shop. They hire china people, and the stupid people just keep saying, why are they speaking chinese? The other one reply, this is Singapore WHAT.. Omg, don't act like you are what ang moh or something can?!?! Long hair guy who looks like shyt.

Anyway, it was stil a very nice day with baby, just never think of anything happening around us.

Started to take picture of baby..... .......

Please give me a better face... ..

OK! This is so... whats with your eyes???

Finally, thats the best I've got. xD

Well, after that we went for movie. The water hose ( thats what baby call it )
Water horse la!!!!
Very cute show, but everyone next to me like as if they are watchin horror movie coz the sound and the way they show it feels creepy.

After so long, since 28 last month, my aunt, JiuMu and my baby cousin SzeSze* were staying at my small lil house. Whole house is fill with laughter everyday, i started to go home very early, sleep very early, go out with family often. Coz SzeSze* and my aunt sleeps with me, and I started to listen to classical music to sleep.... Now, they are going back.. tomorrow morning.

BYE.. Pretty aunt Betty*, cute SzeSze* and my blur-silly JiuMu..
Will post their pictures up when I am free.. Coz its time for me to sleep and send them back tomorrow early morning.

LOL! I was away from here for a while, my aunt trying to teach me how to.. is it call hand stand? the one with the leg up. SOOO COOL. coz i am too stupid to even try =P

MuscleWomen:: okok!
LiKuan*:: Sorry, misunderstood! You see my angry face before right????

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Family :)

Baby SzeSze*s lil feet :D

Future dance Queen!

Pictures of our dinner - Turf city

Singapore family + HK family.

Nothing much, just keep going out with my family. They are going back soon :(

Don't know if this can work. lil-man Hard style Shuffle!!

This is cool :D Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Don't say i never post your pic, i post your video!

LiKuan*:: Nv see you angry b4. hmm..
Jackson*:: no ah. still enjoying =x
CapricornRomance:: Be careful ah. later she slap you i tell you. her slaps can burn
SoonYan*:: Sure sure!!!!! can't wait =D

Sorry MuscleWomen* i run out of pictures, so take more with me!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Random :D

When to have lunch few days back and ate a few special dishes!
A normal bun i usually eat taste sweet but it contains BBQ pork!
And it taste so nice!

This is also a very special dish.
Zhu chang fen, i donno wha is it called in english.
but its filling are scallops
so so so yummy!!

Took some pictures from my aunt's camera
She took some kitty's picture
will post them up slowly :)
here comes a very very cute cat!!

jackson*:: i told you i never work already..
Kelly*:: haha. tell me i look fierce!
Vin*:: ya la!!!! Yes, say i can't look fierce right. i so pissed off that day, you all still say i don't look angry!
ajuna*:: hello :)
LiKuan*:: what so different hmm?? :)

my pretty muscleWOMEN

Friday, March 07, 2008

Different Taurus

I've got no time to blog about my zoo trip.
Too many pictures to post.
Anyway, here to post some pictures that doesn't look like me
LOL. without eyebrown


Make-up time, with a sleeping pig behind....

without one eyebrown

now, both are gone!!!
HAHA. 2nd time being a geisha

This was the 1st time

Reply to tagggggg
Likuan*:: i tag`ed ok! and you both very free huh..
Jackson*:: sure can. don worry! Nv work.
Nanny:: good life? why eh? haha.. busy with baby :)
Capricorn Romance:: you both very very very free......
Kelly*:: I like yours more! mine always break. Broken nails not pretty :(

Monday, March 03, 2008

Sentosa - Singapore :)

Taurus romance's Sentosa trip! :)
sorry for the not-so-clear picture due to they are all taken using my HP
and its all without edit`ing!
Beause i am rushing to the zoo zoo zoo later in the afternoon
so i don't have the time. SORRY!

Underwater World!!

So many new things are there now! this picture above is something new(or i've nv been to sentosa for million years) Fish feeding. The food in my hand is so small but it cost s$1. Your hands will get tired coz you need to wait for the fishes to come and eat it.

Informations for the next picture

cute? angels in the sea! the real one!

picture of my family when they are in the "underwater tube" :D
I am the photographer :) not that my skills are lousy, i am just using a 2megapixel camera
will post up more pctures when i get the pics from my sis

sharks stack up together


My Favourate!!!!!!!!

so pretty and, taadaa!! couple jellyfish!!!

sea horse

the yesllow one which looks like a seaweed is also a sea horse!!

Transparent fish. see its bone??

normal food at Sentosa.
guess whats it cost?


S$8.60 for a plate of normal chicken rice!!!
well well...

Cousin sze sze*

pretty and cute!!!

What i do on the empty bus :P lower deck is air-con

Pink dophin*


So different from last time. Not pretty anymore. all construction :(

meet Capricorn romances after that and guess what? he brought 2 more lil hammies!!

alright, time for me to prepare for my zoo zoo zoo!!

LaoGong:: ok!
Capricorn romance:: Love you too!
jackson*:: why? you change a lot?? all the best for your NS ya!!

Yes we look really funny!!