Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Its my freedom to so anything

Well, people say I've nv grow up because I don't listen.
Ask me why I will still be with him when I know very well what he is going to do and make the same mistakes again.
But please think. If everything I can think tru my brain and that means I am not listening to my heart. Its not love anymore.

So don't ask me why is it ending like that,.. stop telling me,"This time you walk this path, why didn't you listen to us and you patch with him earlier? And i am sure this time you will go back to him again"
I am now going to explain (but please please, don't assume that I am angry coz I am really not). Because i am so sure i won't want to regret and I am sure I will regret if he really did change, and I never give him a chance. NOW I know and I won't regret for giving him the last chance even he doesn't treasure. I won't regret in anything, letting him go and everything I did before. Afterall, see who is the one regretting. Remember it remain in ur heart for a lifetime.

And for KPO PEOPLE, please stop all this. Don't bother asking my friends ," eh they both break up already huh? I saw it from her blog leh!" its not the 1st time I am hearing this from friends and my own sister. You read it on MY blog, so isn't it the primary source? so why ask others??

I can't tell you what future is like. So don't ask me will I still go back to him or what, I've told you, I DON'T DO ANYTHING WHICH MAKES ME REGRET.

As a taurus baby, REMEMBER THIS, I only listen to MYSELF and listens to things I, MYSELF think is right. Can't take it, leave it.
Sorry, I am not as soft as what you think.

:D :: I pluck and I touch up by drawing the back.
Vin* :: Coz you are crazy. LOL take such photo
LiKuan* :: aya, don't worry, he supports you. LOL
Bunny :: yea! taurus!!
SoonYan* :: thanks
laoGong :: thanks! you always got something for me.
Jackson* :: thanks
Jeannie* :: thanks! thanks for support`ing
Miki* :: ok
DAte :: Thanks. but I only chat with people I know on msn
Edison* :: at least no ass crack right?! LOL. Also from your blog.

still friends, vin :)

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