Friday, March 07, 2008

Different Taurus

I've got no time to blog about my zoo trip.
Too many pictures to post.
Anyway, here to post some pictures that doesn't look like me
LOL. without eyebrown


Make-up time, with a sleeping pig behind....

without one eyebrown

now, both are gone!!!
HAHA. 2nd time being a geisha

This was the 1st time

Reply to tagggggg
Likuan*:: i tag`ed ok! and you both very free huh..
Jackson*:: sure can. don worry! Nv work.
Nanny:: good life? why eh? haha.. busy with baby :)
Capricorn Romance:: you both very very very free......
Kelly*:: I like yours more! mine always break. Broken nails not pretty :(

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