Saturday, March 15, 2008

New cap :) by lovely queen*

Nothing much today, everyone cried at the airport... don't like to be in such a emo environment

well, about things happening today, ...
The Queen hand-made a cap for me :DDDD

So.. i wear it to capricorn's work place.
We took pictures too!!
Actually I like the way I look when I am wearing the cap. but in the pics, WE LOOK SO STUPID!

OK. thats all.. need to sleep
Oh ya. I broke my tooth. LOL. And, i am banned from eating sweets :(

Jackson*:: haha. everyone's life different. and not that you can't just it not time. b'coz when u finish up ur work, you can enjoy to the fullest, but me i need to start working hard after I walk into school life.
Miki*:: meet up soon ok? =D stay pretty!! love your eyes
Jeannie*:: HEY!!!! I MISS YOU!! Meet up soon!!
Vin jie:: EH?!

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