Thursday, April 30, 2009

Drink drank drunk!

Crazy night at butterfactory.

Pictures with my eyes open is when I am still ok.
So drunk to even remember what happened!
Thanks to boyfriend and Nick*!!!
Sorry to people that I irritate by calling and sms`ing crazy things.
Next time I need to pass my phone to someone else when I drink!
So weak!

JiaHui*:: It was from a photoshoot. Its gone! And I hate it! ):
Kim*:: I don't know how to draw. HAHA. OK! I will support!
Guest*:: No, its ugly ): Super sad!
happyQueen:: Will be back! Really! I miss the crazy times!

I want more crazy nights!
Big sorry and big thank you!
Sorry to puke when you all were having supper. LOL!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ice*s 23th birthday chalet

1st time having dinner at the long long hawker and having so much food!
Pig organ soup, crayfish, hokkien mee!

Happy bithday to Ice* (:
We were at HK cafe at Ehub if I am not wrong.
Table too small. We are like separated by that glass.

Wanna eat the carrot cake. (: Like always, Angel Charlene*.

Must talk very loud.

FAV! Carrot cake is really nice. (: Go and try!

After that, ARCADE!!

No games to play, so sit and watch this cute big head.

Notice Nick* must open his mouth when he is in the game.

Childhood game! (:

They play the basketball game.
So, the winner do 5? The loser gotta do like 30? I don't remember!

Nick*,why so happy? HAHA. Small boy face!

Zen* don't have to do.


After that, had baron with my baron buddy. Mr. Matchstick Nick*

Without makeup! Red lobster face! Eyebrow gone.

Act drunk! Baron makes me red!
Very obvious, my triple eyelid and the double eyelid difference!
Wanna go and cut my eyelid.

2 drunkardzzz.

SoonYan*:: I will try. Hope I am as slim as you luh!
Lina*:: OK! Will meet up more when ur free!
Sab*:: Thanks! But at least you are so much taller than me!
Guest:: That day when I blog.
JokerZ*:: Its not me. I think friendster also the same person. Why? Are you another one who got something to do with her? Cos a few guys got into things with her and contacted me. Anything email me at my email ok? (: Thanks!
Kim*:: He will become deaf! I very fat now luh!
happyQUEEN:: You never meet me so you donno. I am fat ): Some makeup artist shave them off!
Guest:: Thanks!
hao*:: Cos getting lower. And nothing makes my confidence lvl higher.
Jaslyn*:: Ok.. Why you call yourself lil pigeon?!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Well, I just saw my fat face on TV.
Thanks to F.boyfriend for the concern.
I've forgotten why am I in a bad mood yesterday.
After seeing my fat face on TV, I remember why am I in a bad mood.
And why am I so unhappy about is, I am lazy to even slim down. ):

Well well.. Will blog more pictures again soon!!
Meet up with the hot babes and had photoshoot today.
Didn't know that they are so super friendly (:
Thought pretty girls are mostly stuck up,
but all of them are NICE!
No confidence, feeling low but luckily, the girls are fun to be with!
Super duper sad.
Confidence level = -100

Lina*:: No problem (: Can lean anytime you want. HAHA. Fat enough!
Gwenn*:: Thanks, but I am really not ):
Fer*:: Okok!
Kim*:: I wanna see!! I wanna play with him!!
vogue:: Ok! I want the ones with everyone including you and your photographer!
Guest:: Its a gift from my friend very very long ago. SHIMMER CUBES PALETTE 05.
HappyQUEEN:: I am bored too ):
(: :: Hopefully.. ):
Jevonne*:: Thanks!
Nick*:: MSN you nv reply.


Jojo* wanna cry.

Confidence level = O

I feel so F*up ):

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Playboy magazine VIP launch

Hot and pretty playmates came to SG @ Oosh bar (:
Saw lotsa pretty girls in bunny suit.

A photo from the photographer. LOL. I am not ready!
Look at my face, my hair,..... HAHAHA!

The playmates popping champaign.
Can't see them clearly, I am too short!!

After that, we went to have our dinner.. I mean supper (:
At the riverside. Love the place, love the food.

Is it Boat Quay or Raffles?

Never mind about that, so pretty right?

The nice nice chips from Indo.

They were soooooo fast, order like 2 mins, the food is right in front of me!
Seafood plate, the tiger prawns are. POOF~! Scallops are huge!
The meat, deer meet if I am not wrong, its really.. OMG.

A lil spicy baby octopus. Yummy yummy.

Thats everything! And, we can't finish. I think girls nowadays eat much more than guys.
Or maybe I am a snake that can swallow a MOOOOOOOOO~!
Well, I think so.
Thanks to Sebastian* and your camera for the nice nice pictures!
I need to save up to get one soon!

JiaHui*:: Ok (: See you soon!
vogueindulge:: I wanna blog but no time. And I don't have all the pictures again I think.
(: :: WAHAHAHA! Stylo right!!
happyQueen:: OKOK! Don't so stress! You are happy queen eh! Meet up soon! Must tell me earlier eh!
Lina*:: OKOK! Thanks a lot for the invite and the trouble! CONGRATS AGAIN!
Fer*:: I never forget. (: Tho never really talk to you b4. But I read your older blogs!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jojo*s 1st 4D

Day out with darling Vanessa* (:

Sorry darling to make you wait! SORRY!
Ok, alienJOJO* reporting.

Thanks Nick* for the breakfast (:

Met for supper. Chat with him a lil. Big sorry to JiaHui*!!!

Breakfast!! Lunch I mean.. Super yumyum. I think its madness to have 3 eggs for lunch only.

After the event at raffles, went to meet my musclewomen!
Her bf's house.
Can you believe this lazy dog is actually sleeping?

Lazy doggy! Bobby*

See? Sleep again..

The tiny Tiger*.

Poof!! My 1st 4D!!!
But never win. HAHA.

After that dinner, watch horror movie till we can't finish the food!
Will blog again soon! (:

Rumors:: Huh?
Dave*:: OK!
happyQUEEN:: Sorry la. ): Will meet you all soon!
Nick*:: No worries. What can be bad?
Guest:: From bodyshop (: The 4 colours one
UNDENIABLEPAST:: We shall see each other. HAHA
vogueindulge:: Dream about what? Must remember! Tell me when we meet up the next time! (:
Relfy*:: (: DARLING!!
Minmin*:: Long time no see. How are you? Call me when you are free ok? Cos my sms something wrong.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Butterfactory, Phuture, TheLivingRoom.
Jojo* and Edison*

Lose, eat ice. Look at their mouth.

Vincent* and Jojo*

Daren* and Jojo*

Lotsa interesting people there.

Searching for nice songs.

Cannot find the one I want.

BBQ time!

Super yummy I tell you! Ha!

Tiny Amber*

Sleepy beauty

Don't bully me ): Carry me down!

MatchStick:: I am fine (:
Guest23:: Who are you!? Name please.
Summer*:: Alright.

AhChu!!~ Sick.