Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ice*s 23th birthday chalet

1st time having dinner at the long long hawker and having so much food!
Pig organ soup, crayfish, hokkien mee!

Happy bithday to Ice* (:
We were at HK cafe at Ehub if I am not wrong.
Table too small. We are like separated by that glass.

Wanna eat the carrot cake. (: Like always, Angel Charlene*.

Must talk very loud.

FAV! Carrot cake is really nice. (: Go and try!

After that, ARCADE!!

No games to play, so sit and watch this cute big head.

Notice Nick* must open his mouth when he is in the game.

Childhood game! (:

They play the basketball game.
So, the winner do 5? The loser gotta do like 30? I don't remember!

Nick*,why so happy? HAHA. Small boy face!

Zen* don't have to do.


After that, had baron with my baron buddy. Mr. Matchstick Nick*

Without makeup! Red lobster face! Eyebrow gone.

Act drunk! Baron makes me red!
Very obvious, my triple eyelid and the double eyelid difference!
Wanna go and cut my eyelid.

2 drunkardzzz.

SoonYan*:: I will try. Hope I am as slim as you luh!
Lina*:: OK! Will meet up more when ur free!
Sab*:: Thanks! But at least you are so much taller than me!
Guest:: That day when I blog.
JokerZ*:: Its not me. I think friendster also the same person. Why? Are you another one who got something to do with her? Cos a few guys got into things with her and contacted me. Anything email me at my email ok? (: Thanks!
Kim*:: He will become deaf! I very fat now luh!
happyQUEEN:: You never meet me so you donno. I am fat ): Some makeup artist shave them off!
Guest:: Thanks!
hao*:: Cos getting lower. And nothing makes my confidence lvl higher.
Jaslyn*:: Ok.. Why you call yourself lil pigeon?!

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