Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pulau Ubin Family Outing - Part 1

All ready! Look at my Queen! Holding onto the Chewy Juniors. (Too bad when we reach, weather too hot. So it turn bad. Sad)

We took ferry from Changi Village. (:


3 of us. Yes, she is my sister. She's OLDER then me.
(Before you continue, let me remind you, this post is filled with pictures with naked faces.)

Ferry price $2.50per pax.

Holding tight onto ChewyJuniors. ):

Sexy uncles enjoying the sea breeze. LOL


It was raining!

From the entrance, we took a van into our resort.
Snap a picture of her waving her hands.

Our queen sitting in front.

After a few mins, TAAADAAAAHHHH~~~
Celestial Resort!

Check in!!!!

Such a nice place, quiet, clean, windy.

We went to walk around Pulau Ubin (:

Snap snap!

ME! In case you cannot recognise me without makeup.

So pretty right??

After awhile, we went back to the resort.

High tea!

Their restaurant (:

Quite a big place.


My sister teach our queen to pose for camera. HAHAHAHA!

XingZhi and my mango juice.

Queen and me!

That what we've got for high tea.
They took like forever to cook everything!

Their own jetty. Actually they've got their own ferry when they just started the resort.
But now, no more! But the jetty is still there.

Nice right?? (:

Thats the rooms we stay in!

The blur faces! HAHA.

Super nice place to chill if you're stress cos of work and all.

So pretty (:

I never try to swim there. Maybe next time =P

I snap you, you snap me, we are happy family.


What is she doing?

Mimosa pudica!!!! OPEN!!!

End this post with the beautiful Mimosa pudica. Stay tune to part 2!!!

Gina : HAHAHAHA! Next time we go eat together ok!
Xiaofu : Megan & Melody SUPER CUTE!!
LiKuan : Clouds are love. Just nice you said my song is nice I changed it! But you can click skip song den it will be that song already. (:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Meat-up @ Bugis

"Meat-up" with X @ Billy Bombers!

Don't know whats on the promo.

Act like very shock only. I don't really remember what was on that menu.

Yes, one very white one very dark. ):

Heh.. That gay smile.


And he started to teach me how to dig my nose.
He said dig nose need to like... have skills, must very shiok one.

So I tried. (Just kidding. my little finger is not in my nose.)

We had Chewy Junior!

Yummy eh!

And ya, we order the same dish. It was sooooooooooooo good!

GuestHerbalTea : Uh?
X :