Thursday, June 17, 2010

Germaine's 21 Birthday Celebration

Was thinking what to wear.

Marina Mandarin

Pretty pretty place!

While waiting for his friend to come and bring us up... Snap snap!

The view when you look up!

He said his hands are so much longer.

I think my skills are better!

Finally we reach the room!

Pretty view from her room!

I think its their hotel swimming pool.

See the durian? Esplanade!

Clouds like cotton candy.

I love to take photos with the sunlight!

The big mirror in their room. X, "Red wine, want some?"

X, hyperactive.

The sun is going down! See Suntec City?

Pretty right?

Thinking about what uh...?


Jojo with Germaine the birthday girl!!!

Look at the sky!

Addie teaching us how to pose. (:

The dog look alike.

He always like to hide behind me and take picture. So I'll look fatter.

Its time to "adjust" X

Why your sleeve so long?

Adjust adjust...

Stand up straight, slant a bit...



I'm the man! You're the girl!

Handsome right?

Mr Manhunt Singapore 2010! In front of me! I think the room is filled with muscleman.
I enjoy myself that night. Get to see my primary school friend there!
Thanks for the invite and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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