Sunday, July 29, 2012

Miss Unieyess 3D Calendar Girl Shoot


Such a nice view!!
Guess why am I here?

I'm here for the Miss Unieyess 3D Calendar Girl Shoot!

Putting up make up and enjoying the view~

Teehee! My outfit!

Different kinda make up for the 3D effect!!
(Can't wait to see how is result of the photos :P )

Lucky me to shoot with Yvonne!

She's forever looking so super sweet!

Having fun! HAHA!

Even her "ugly face" is not ugly at all!

Thanks for making the shoot so fun! Heh!!

The crew having their break!

Another outfit!

Shooting in progress~

Me with Joy Estelle & Yvonne!!
Really enjoy the shoot with them (:

After that......
Yvonne is very into her bathtub! LOL!

We end our day looking at the pretty pretty sky!

Really can't wait for the photos to be out!!
Wonder how I look in 3D..? Heh!!
Stay tune

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Makeup & Hair - By Star Shum (Hong Kong)

Hello Lovers!! You've seen me with makeup by MUAs in Singapore right? 
What about the styles of a Hong Kong MUA? :D

Let's see!!
Me with the cutie Star Shum!!!

After makeup! Doing my hair!!


Half way there!!

And after awhile.... 


Time to give it some curls!

Yea..Me and my heavy long hair! 
Many have a hard time styling my hair! But this time, it was fast! (:

 Star Shum does makeup for HK actresses and actors too!

Here comes my happy big fat face! Hee!!

Look at all the accessories!
Super well prepared!!

2nd set of accessories!! :D

She help me paste the double eyelid stickers!
Looks so good and natural!!
She uses good quality eyelashes!
All good and comfortable!
Of cos I love how she trim my eyebrows!
:D Satisfy! Thanks Star!!!

Click here to find out more about her services!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

1June`2012 - Partying@Zirca

1June`2012 A night with the AWESOMEZ @ Zirca!

The sweet couple that never stop dancing!

Awesome Marv smiling happily! Heh!!

Sexy much!

Look at Robin at the back! :P

Its time for me to get a new camera!


Marv and; Jojo (:

Marv came with his colleagues!


With Whitney!! Super pretty!!! :D