Friday, July 13, 2012

MrQ Snacks

HELLO LOVERS!! Introducing to you MrQ snacks!!

Here is Mr.Q~~

Mr.Q & Jojo Lai (:

Teehee!! All ready!! :D


Us helping out! Collecting money!

Fried Mars

Fried durian

Lemongrass Chicken!! I love this!!!

Teehee.. Boss treat us drinks!

My fav!! MC2!!!

Went to play some games! Hee!! 

Our winnings!

Photo time while waiting... (:

Cks & Jojo Lai :D

Funneh face!

NomNoms!!! Calamari rings!!! 

Really enjoy the food at MrQ Snacks!!

Like and follow them to get more info in the nomnomz~!!

Drinking session with the party people! (:

Stole his cap!

Finally a proper photo!

Annabelle, Jojo, Cks! :D

Kei's cute face! LOL!!


Blogging again soon!
Stay tune!!

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