Monday, April 23, 2012

GirlFriends Outing - Blue Garden Korean BBQ @ Tiong Bahru

Blue Garden Korean BBQ @ Tiong Bahru

I can't wait!!!!

They serve cooked food as well.. So we don't have to be hungry.. Once step in, we can NOMz!

Yeah.. I'm a meat eaterrrrrrrrrr...

YingRui taking the cooked food

Stella and her meat!!

Elisa and her veg! HAHA
I don't understand why they have that..
How do you BBQ a corn??

Me and the nomznomz!

As you can see, at least you can cook the potato. Do they eat all of them raw?

Ok!! Time to just eat and enough of the photos!! :D
(Will post on Facebook and tag all of you soon!! )

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