Friday, October 19, 2007

PulauUbin & hollaween party

didn't get to blog coz was prepring for my Os and working at the same time :)

heres the pictures of my family outing @ Pulau Ubin

there is A LOT of lil-crabs next to my shadow. can't really see :(

a school of primary school fishes. coz there are smaller ones which is maybe K1K2? haha. I donno how they do it. Together they will swim in one direction and they will move away when theres a dead leaf or some rubbish there.

thats my hardworking sis

7 floor. going up!

on the way to the top
and the view from the top...

the tallest coconut tree :)

anyway, was saying i am working. Yup! as a ghost!
at night safari :)

so tired. can't rest my hand or else my paint will drop.
the final.. very SCARY!

wells, gtg prepare for work tml! byeeee
guess i was gone for a long time. lagging from replyzzz
Jamie*::haha. sorry ah! but eill meet u soon!! all the best for Os!!
Steph*::its ok. guess the JOJO on my taggy is you right??
Joan*::thanks. anyway, i saw your boyfriend when i work at SP if i am not wrong.
Crystal*:: not reallyeh. a bit messy to reply there
frankyraven:: RSS? what you mean. sorry i don't understand. and sorry. i don't message on friendster. so sorry :(
Kelly*::Yup! hope to see you soon and take lotsa pics together. shocked that you actually come to my blog. And BLOG MORE PLEASE!!!
Soonyan*:: yup. all the best for Os. will meet you for studies ok? :)
Passerby:: sorry i am not sure. coz its not my phone. and the ringtone i have inside is all the recorded tone. not mp3
Capricorn-romance:: Vin is prettier. HAHA!

sorry for late reply. i reply on my post. i won't skip reply`ing coz my blog is not popular so don't worry. i will try my best to blog more and reply ASAP! and why is people going around trying to adver on cbox`es? including mine? :(

Monday, October 08, 2007

Party girl - JOJO

Gotta blog often :) because i feel that i am forgetting about things that i wanna blog about.
tommorrow going for "work" and i am still awake, blogging

went for the roadshow for Gillette Fusion @ suntac
with Kelly* Chloe* and lin*

me and kelly. i look very tired. i wanna take more pictures with them :(

Mr.boyfriend when he is sweet. [[i help him with makeup in this pic, notice? =x]]

and Mr.boyfriend when he is @#$%^&*(^!.

finally got donuts from Donut factory. is it their name Donut factory? opps.
pictures of 2 cute lil-cats.

this was taken when i was walking home. It was sleeping next to the market, inside the old boxes.

this was taken in the MRT
cute right????

Pictures from
taken @ PLUSH

Taurus-romance, Capricorn-romance, Leon* and jas*

again, four of us plus Jensen* and Harry*

group photo. Actually theres 2 group photo. but as you can see the Capricorn-romance is pulling a long face, the other picture was WORST!

reply to butterfly kisses first :)
Capricorn-romance:: ya. very long hair. why 3 PEACE??? and you don't have to look at my blog to laugh, you can look into the mirror everyday and LAUGH!
Jamie*:: why can't take CK? no girls went? might be closing this or sth. will see which is better.
crystal*::really? but like a bit troublesome to reply when tag on CBOX
Jellyjo*::ohh..nv see you at all. :\
dERENCE*:: poke you back! Vin*s bro huh?? =) hello!
Van*::yup. but difficult to reply =( see you soon!!
Jevonne*::yup. so must tag more =P
soonyan*::sorrysorry. long time since i hear from you!! meet up soon!

sarcasm hurts even more when its from you. stop it
everything gotta go your way, maybe its just a small thing so you don't even see but it affects me so much.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

pictures (:

enjoy your NIGHT!! (:
with whosgoing and SEDUCTIVE™

the colourrrrrs

Edison* Harry* Nanny* & My Capricorn Romance*

ours :) RED

more pics. Road show for Gillette Fusion

JOJO* with pretty LiXue*

bored... so.....

lotsa expression! LOL
i was talking about this picture when i first see you in picture :)

thinking of putting a tagboard. easier for you to tag?? :)
Jamie*::thanks :) gotta meet you soon!!
Mabel*:: know her as one of the models. We only work together :)
Anonymous:: Photoshop
Nanny:: of coz funny. you both look so cute :)