Monday, April 30, 2007


After watching 200 pounds beauty, both of us , mr.clown and i, are so crazy over the song "Maria". SO.. i put it up on my blog!!! :) But gotta watch a lil-while for it to load. Its REALLY nice! While the movie was showing, people were busy chewing on their popcorns.. When she sing until the part MARIA~ everyone stop chewing and its just the song itself in the theater. Anyway, not only the song is nice, her voice is so powerful! well, if u don't like the song, u can just click the cross button beside the refresh button, the song will stop and it might cause to stop loading my blog page. AYA! just listen, its really nice.. but it might be LOUD.,so on ur speaker softer :)

anyway, i went to do prawning today and its a sunday today so they have a special program. Its like this. when you got a prawn, check if u've got a "tagged prawn" and see what colour is it on the tag. It was fun :) we've won S$12 from the "tagged prawns". went with mr.clown, ah teck* and his GF. after that leave to meet the Queen at chinatown and got on to a new taxi driver's cab.. he must be really nervous.

see the fly there? i killed one of them when its eating and i cut it =x

nehh~ can see Mr.Clown or not???

interesting lamp-post isn't it? i guess theres a nest in it and some plants growing there. they must be very healthy coz the wind there is much fresher and can get more sunlight! don know if the other side is still working...

my teeth!!

jevonne*:: :) and i read ur blog often

Saturday, April 28, 2007

waiting for nothing

Why are guys so into games? And why are girls so silly just to wait for the guy to finish his game? And the girl is actually not interested in the game and don really know that she is actually waiting for just some love in return.

well well well... watched 200pounds beauty. the actress really look like ClapBangKiss! i tot was her but then again, their eyes were different. A nice show, very touching. :)

pictures on mr.clown's birthday

will upload more when i am free :)
jevonne:: ???????? u r jevonne?????? very very shock
LiPing:: thanks :) oh.. i nv study already

Monday, April 23, 2007

wads wrong with blogger?

whats wrong with blogger? i guess its the new blogger that course me can't make a new template as easy like last time. :( why they change it? but anyway, i stole one picture for Jocelyn*s friendster to post up here. hope she don't mind. It was the picture of her makeup exam. She got 2 tops out of 3!! :) so proud of her!!!

Yup! its me the geisha beside jocelyn* :) haha. waiting for her to send me the others. And there are some other photos on her exams and others. will upload once i got them.

the makeup was done by Jocelyn*.
Jamie*::HAHA. okok~ thanks :)
nahyieve*:: miss u too~ how've u been?? meet up soon!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

tired from work

went out with the Queen to do sth. well, a nice break from that 2 days of hard work =x anyway, took some pictures of my fatties and the chocolate i've brought to make me even FATTER!

see the babies peepee??

the LADIES hammyz

sister bathing the GUYs hammyz

its pink and its nice! =)) yummy yummy. How not to get fat when such thing is on earth?!?! still.. YUMMY!!! :P


Tuesday, April 17, 2007


so tired!! working was so bored!! PeiXing*[[sry if i spell it wrongly]] came to my work place but DIDN'T BUY ANYTHING. haha. anyway, sleepy and tml going to do sth :) if it done i will blog =X

JOjelly:: thanks! take care too!
wilson:: :)thanks

Monday, April 16, 2007

work starting TOMORROW!!

work starting TOMORROW!! hope it will help me from eating non-stop. i am growing very fat! Anyway, will be working at one of the pushcarts at Bugis. Hope everything goes really well :)

HappyBirthday (:
shocked! Cohen* called me from London!! HAHA. so SHOCK!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

more pictures on SoonYan*s birthday!

me and the birthday girl :)
and show u all a cute guy! =X

anyway, NEW BLOGSKIN :) cute????
love tt kitty so much!!
waiting for the photos of Jocelyn*s makeup exam:)
hope i can have them and upload them tml

JOjelly:: thanks :)

saw this picture. when can we meet up?? =/

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

back! :) changed

changed to the "emo" layout. Not very happy about the result of my layout. The girl looks weird. but i took a lot of time to draw it out. i saw this picture online and i try to draw it on my own. zzz. well, i DID listen to my art teacher! haha. 2 hours just to complete that girl.....

move on move on~!!

SoonYan*S birthday! :) i want more pictures!!

what me and CK* gave her for b'day
i will blog more pictures tml!!! kinda tired now!

Jas*:: thanks :) i love Daniel Wu too! =x

Sunday, April 01, 2007

still photos not up!

Can't wait to view the pictures we took on SoonYan*s birthday!

Didn't sleep last night and around 4a.m, D.K and me prepare to go and have our breakfast. Talk talk awhile and went home at around 10a.m and sleep for awhile, wanted to go PlazaSing to do some shopping. Mabel* ask me out to hav dinner together with SoonYan* and LiPing* , MuscleWomen ask to meet up. so at the end i went to shop at parkway with the Queen and meet muscleWomen after tt. Brought things i wanted long ago :) i wanna take lotsa photos!! Nice pictures gives me a BIG BIG SMILE :D
i wanna try new makeup! wanna try fake eyelash! anyone willing to teach me? =x