Monday, April 30, 2007


After watching 200 pounds beauty, both of us , mr.clown and i, are so crazy over the song "Maria". SO.. i put it up on my blog!!! :) But gotta watch a lil-while for it to load. Its REALLY nice! While the movie was showing, people were busy chewing on their popcorns.. When she sing until the part MARIA~ everyone stop chewing and its just the song itself in the theater. Anyway, not only the song is nice, her voice is so powerful! well, if u don't like the song, u can just click the cross button beside the refresh button, the song will stop and it might cause to stop loading my blog page. AYA! just listen, its really nice.. but it might be LOUD.,so on ur speaker softer :)

anyway, i went to do prawning today and its a sunday today so they have a special program. Its like this. when you got a prawn, check if u've got a "tagged prawn" and see what colour is it on the tag. It was fun :) we've won S$12 from the "tagged prawns". went with mr.clown, ah teck* and his GF. after that leave to meet the Queen at chinatown and got on to a new taxi driver's cab.. he must be really nervous.

see the fly there? i killed one of them when its eating and i cut it =x

nehh~ can see Mr.Clown or not???

interesting lamp-post isn't it? i guess theres a nest in it and some plants growing there. they must be very healthy coz the wind there is much fresher and can get more sunlight! don know if the other side is still working...

my teeth!!

jevonne*:: :) and i read ur blog often


j0jelly said...

the vampire picture is soooooo cute :D

Jevonne said...

Than you shpuld tag me often mah! At least let me know you're reading. Hahaha. Abouting the prawning thing, the person damn free la? Catch every single prawn and put the tag up??!?

yVoN said...

boo XD

Oracle said...

Didn't know they did that for prawning, guess its a really different prawn farm but it does sound very exciting. Besides the usual boring anticipation of it being either small or big =P

j0jelly said...

update more often? ahh..i know you're busy.. :)