Monday, October 30, 2006

missing from Blog

will be disappearing from here for a period of time
coz of my Os
so.. SORRY!!
will be back soon
might blog in between exams

mabel*:: =) thanks a lot. All the best for exams ya!! go out after Os, can't wait for 20 Nov to come xD
jiaHao*::thanks, but, are the guys like you? can talk so well? =D
catherine*::thanks, but the problem is, we can't really communicate, and makin things worst =(
mr`LIM's SoonYan*:: i miss u too !! all the best for exam!!
crystal*:: haha.. i am not pretty anyway. Er.. will do it soon ya =D r u doing the chinese exam tml? if yes, all the best ya!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

so sorry, will have a proper post tml =]

yesterday i went to TA*s place to look for my babies
took some pictures
will upload tomorrow
not in the right mood now
so sorry

mr'LIM`s soonYan*:: yup, will make for u soon!
LaoGong*:: no laa!! i make for ppl stay nearer to me ma.. will make for u soon ok?
cuiPing*:: thanks =] alright!
Joan*:: ok, show me ur blog when u make one.. all the best for your Os! think thats a "no problem" for you =)
mabel*:: yup, make for you too

my sushi don taste very nice
shall blog tml =)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What am I?

finally i know i am not the one who go through thicka nd thin with him
he said he won't give both of them attitude coz he went through think and thin with him
and he will scream at me when both of them, do the same thing as me
somehow i just think i am just nothing

should i stop all this stupidity?
people tell me i shouldn't lock myself up just for someone
as i can just enjoy my teenage life
for what i should just stay beside someone who don even know wad i've done for him
maybe he know?
maybe he appreciate?
but i don see and i don feel at all
i don have any better words to discribe
only.. disappointed
the way i am treating him is wad a worstGF on earth will act
i don deny i have attitude problem
but iam trying to change
its only 4 months
and u r with her for 9 YEARS and did she really change FOR YOU?
why this kinda things u don compare?

ya, u said looking at pretty babe on they street is normal for a guy
i am just standing next to u holdin ur hand and u keep staring at girls on the street
this shows tt how ugly am i to you
coz i am not attractive enuff for you to look at me
i don mind and i don deny i am ugly
i nv blame u for looking at girls

but i donno why small mistakes i made
is a big issue to u
and the big issue i have here
that my heart is broken
its just a peanut to you

maybe we r just so different
you small and ur big issue is the oppsite of wad i am thinking

don you see
i love you

Monday, October 23, 2006


make some sushi for my Honey,muscleWOMEN* & jevonne*
wanted to make some for the girl sittin next to me* Mr.Lim`s soonYan*
but nv see her

yesterday went to shaw tower den to IKEA at queenstown

on my way home i saw kittys
so the Queen ask me to tell TA* [[Honey chicken bao*]] to come and take them home
so after her work
she came

the 2 black kittens are so CUTE!!
she bring xie xie* be be* and zu chiong fun* home
i miss them so much!!!

mr.LIM`s::i hope so =] thanks
vampy:: ya.. i think so too
relfy:: thanks! take care!!
LiPing*::really.. the way u act and everyti.. ok.. link u
jevonne*:: welcome =)
joan*:: very shocked u were here! thanks! u've stop blogg`ing?
crystal*::okok =D wil relink

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

JOJO`s interesting LOVEstory which she will remember forever

suddenly have this chong dong to blog about him
coz he view my friendster
might not be him, might be his gf or sth who use his account to view me
ya, anyways
used to be afraid to walk into cityhall MRT station
coz after we broke up, when i go to cityHall MRT station
just nice he will be there
without his notice, i will secretly look at him
just read my diary
the one i used to write everyday about him
from 2nd January 2006 ~ 21 June 2006
been missing him for 153 days[[just nice 53 is his fav number]]
and finally i stop and allow someone else to get into my life
and well, went to read tru my diary just now, the 1st few pages
until the page where we break, i stop
not tt i am still missing
but i just thinking
he is the one i loved and
he is the 1st guy who i used to have this thinking of being with him forever
alto i can't 4get wad ppl tell me about him and her
but i choose to think back of the good times
thanks to him, i know who is treating me right
thanks to him, coz if theres no problem in between us, i think i won't be as close to my muscleWOMEN*
anyway, look tru his photos
he is still the most handsome one =x

think and think
i found tt,with my ex-PrinceB*
i am in the happiest relationship
alto i might not 100% know wads true love
but maybe tts why i am so happy?
tt kinda silly love is wad i wan?
somehow thinking so much, is not a good thing?

and the 1st love, the one i was with when i was in sec 2
he is the 1st guy who make me cry the most at tt point of time
at tt time i tot i was the most unhappy person
but after all the love, till wad i am now, i realised, its just nth when i was in sec 2

my ex-BFs . . .
1st ex-BF.) the 1st time when i go into a relationship is with mr.LIONdance*
2nd ex-BF.) the 1st time i put in real love is when i was sec 2,with mr.A*
3th ex-BF.) b'coz of mr.A*, fell in love with TA* who i cried for a long time in HK
4th ex-BF.) the 1st relationship, and also the happiest relationship with princeB*
5th ex-BF.) 1st time i hurt someone who love me more den i love him mr.D*
6th ex-BF.) 1st time putting in so much love into him, the one i wanna be with 4ever mr.53*
tts my love story~

a very long post huh
so sorry, but i find it a story which i will treasure 4ever
mabel*::thanks =D
mr.LIM`s soonYan*::thanks =)) hope we can
LiPing*::thanks.. anyway, i find u very similar to Selina* one of the S.H.E? donno how to spell her name =x

Monday, October 16, 2006


so so so so so sorry to Melissa* and veryveryveryveryvery thank you to ChenGuo*
sorry to make u wait, so sorry!
thanks for helping me to keep my notes for me =D

going to hand in our art tml
and i just got my art paper2
no break at all
i am tired
i am super lazy

anyway, just now someone called
and tell me i've won sth sth
quite a big sum of $$$
3days 2 nights donno wad
den still have donno donno wad
den at the end ask me
"u sounds young, how old r u?"
"ohh.. 17"
"hmm.. r u ms,XXXX??"
" ur number 94XXXX48?"
"no.. its 94XXXX49........"
wah.. if i am the one win`in it den..good ah!

anyway, a lil-low when i know we cannot go to kelong already
hope muscleWOMEN*s malaysia trip is still on?
nvm.. better don put so much hope

thanks to Jevonne* for tt effect =)

can u see his smile?

somehow he is the one who will bring me
sadness,pisses me off
and yet i still find myself crazy in love with him
coz he also gives me my smile, gives me his love =)

mr.LIM`s soonYan*::yup! i miss u too =DD
no one is here


went to kbox with muscleWOMEN* yesterday
meet up xLing* after tt
had a fun and long chat last night
chat with xLing* is to be continue... ...

its bleeding
from the time i wake up till now
it makes my breath smells like so bloody
anyway, i am slim`ing down =D

miss my lesson today
i woke up very very late
and veryveryvery sorry to Melissa*
so so so sorry

good luck to my MuscleWOMEN*
ur singing is nice, don worry =D

mr`Lim's soonYan*:: thanks!.. i know tts u..HAHA! only u r mr`Lim's.. Haha!!
mabel*:: thanks =DD
nahyieve*:: yup.. thanks! and change`ed

Sunday, October 15, 2006

think think think

think about lotsa things this few days
asking question and answering myself
miss my muscleWOMEN*s comments
alto i've think alot to myself
but i've 4gotten wad i've in my mind
too many things

saw one of my darling, vanessa, with her sis and sis bf at fareast while i am helping honey at work
she've change! slim down quite a lot and i guess darling yingRui* is also very slim now
she've been havin high fever for quite some time
suddenly feel tt, i need to take some time to meet up with them
everyone is like busy? or am i the one?
goin out with muscleWOMEN* later
hope i won't be late
goin to cityHALL i guess
kinda scared this post will disappear coz i am using honey's laptop
reply ur comments later at nite when i get home =))

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

new blogskin.

back to blogging
blogskin nice?
theres no more tagboard in my blog
so, please leave ur messge at the end of my post
i want u all to catch my kisses !!
i will still reply them on the next post
so easier to read and won't miss out any
think non-blogger users also can leave comment

not feeling very well now
spend a long time making this blogskin
thanks to Daisy (fedora_girl) for making such a nice blog skin
edit`ed a bit to make my own blog
need to sleep
going to school tomorrow
to finish up spraying the hairspray

will blog tomorrow =)

reply to tags
meiLing*::yea! hope u r well already.. mine is getting worst =(
Laogong*:: my dear laogong. so shocked to see u here! will ask u out after my exams !!
shawn*::okok =) sorry, i only accept personal friends in my friendster, so ya.. sorry.anyway, u've got a very nice blog!
nic*::thanks for coming =D
crystal*::updated =)
mabel*::updated ! haha!
daMAO::didn hav the chance to take picture, will blog if i rmb =D
soonYan*:: ya. but i am back now! haha!
no more tagboard
so please leave your messge at the end of my post
thank you!!!!