Wednesday, October 11, 2006

new blogskin.

back to blogging
blogskin nice?
theres no more tagboard in my blog
so, please leave ur messge at the end of my post
i want u all to catch my kisses !!
i will still reply them on the next post
so easier to read and won't miss out any
think non-blogger users also can leave comment

not feeling very well now
spend a long time making this blogskin
thanks to Daisy (fedora_girl) for making such a nice blog skin
edit`ed a bit to make my own blog
need to sleep
going to school tomorrow
to finish up spraying the hairspray

will blog tomorrow =)

reply to tags
meiLing*::yea! hope u r well already.. mine is getting worst =(
Laogong*:: my dear laogong. so shocked to see u here! will ask u out after my exams !!
shawn*::okok =) sorry, i only accept personal friends in my friendster, so ya.. sorry.anyway, u've got a very nice blog!
nic*::thanks for coming =D
crystal*::updated =)
mabel*::updated ! haha!
daMAO::didn hav the chance to take picture, will blog if i rmb =D
soonYan*:: ya. but i am back now! haha!
no more tagboard
so please leave your messge at the end of my post
thank you!!!!


安怡 said...

and please DO leave ur msg!!!

oh no!!
non-blogger users r not allow to leave msg =(

Anonymous said...

weeee.. i love your skin!! (: blog more okay?! bcus i will be see'ing you lesser lah ! ):

Anonymous said...

btw, i'm soonyan!
heh heh xP

nezhuggs said...

WAHAHA! i'm here.

nezhuggs said...

I LURVE the song. LOLS. sooooo nicE lah!!!

nahyieve said...

do you know that non blogger also can leave anonymous comments one? it's just the setting.. haha i know can change one i just dont know exactly where to direct you. lol. anyway nice template, real simple and cool. but if you add a touch of gold it might come across simple glam. =D

Anonymous said...

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