Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What am I?

finally i know i am not the one who go through thicka nd thin with him
he said he won't give both of them attitude coz he went through think and thin with him
and he will scream at me when both of them, do the same thing as me
somehow i just think i am just nothing

should i stop all this stupidity?
people tell me i shouldn't lock myself up just for someone
as i can just enjoy my teenage life
for what i should just stay beside someone who don even know wad i've done for him
maybe he know?
maybe he appreciate?
but i don see and i don feel at all
i don have any better words to discribe
only.. disappointed
the way i am treating him is wad a worstGF on earth will act
i don deny i have attitude problem
but iam trying to change
its only 4 months
and u r with her for 9 YEARS and did she really change FOR YOU?
why this kinda things u don compare?

ya, u said looking at pretty babe on they street is normal for a guy
i am just standing next to u holdin ur hand and u keep staring at girls on the street
this shows tt how ugly am i to you
coz i am not attractive enuff for you to look at me
i don mind and i don deny i am ugly
i nv blame u for looking at girls

but i donno why small mistakes i made
is a big issue to u
and the big issue i have here
that my heart is broken
its just a peanut to you

maybe we r just so different
you small and ur big issue is the oppsite of wad i am thinking

don you see
i love you


mabel said...

=D don't brood about it. I understand how you feel. Jiayou & move on!! Tolerate ya? I know you two LOVE each other! =)) I'll always be beside of you,cheering for you and supporting you!! MWACCHS!!
We need time to go out lah!!! =pPp

jiahao said...

he look at other girls does not mean that u are ugly. Think at good way, it mean other girls is for looking and u are for loving and adore. =)

Catherine said...

Just talk it out with him, sometimes when the relationship gets sour, sorting out stuff by talking would help, just try. Remember, people do change. So maybe, changing for your loved one would do some good for both of you. :D:D

Omg-ness, you are definitely not ugly. You are pretty and beautiful. :)

All the best!