Wednesday, October 25, 2006

so sorry, will have a proper post tml =]

yesterday i went to TA*s place to look for my babies
took some pictures
will upload tomorrow
not in the right mood now
so sorry

mr'LIM`s soonYan*:: yup, will make for u soon!
LaoGong*:: no laa!! i make for ppl stay nearer to me ma.. will make for u soon ok?
cuiPing*:: thanks =] alright!
Joan*:: ok, show me ur blog when u make one.. all the best for your Os! think thats a "no problem" for you =)
mabel*:: yup, make for you too

my sushi don taste very nice
shall blog tml =)


Anonymous said...

haha. okay!! ((:
and i miss you lah! ):

Crystal said...

hey, dun be so sad.
later not pretty lers.
cheer up yah (:

Crystal said...

btw you are tag to do a quiz at my blog :D