Sunday, October 15, 2006

think think think

think about lotsa things this few days
asking question and answering myself
miss my muscleWOMEN*s comments
alto i've think alot to myself
but i've 4gotten wad i've in my mind
too many things

saw one of my darling, vanessa, with her sis and sis bf at fareast while i am helping honey at work
she've change! slim down quite a lot and i guess darling yingRui* is also very slim now
she've been havin high fever for quite some time
suddenly feel tt, i need to take some time to meet up with them
everyone is like busy? or am i the one?
goin out with muscleWOMEN* later
hope i won't be late
goin to cityHALL i guess
kinda scared this post will disappear coz i am using honey's laptop
reply ur comments later at nite when i get home =))

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