Saturday, December 30, 2006

Leaving to MALAYSIA

27 dec`2oo6
together with Thong* Mr.ZhuoWeiLong*
sorry about the pic, it was so blur that i can't see a thing

dinner with honey and his classmates
after tt, headed to suntac for a super funny Kbox session
before that, my sweety brought me a jacket
alto i doesn't like adidas
but still i love tt jacket =D

my Fav!!!!

how HOT and KIND he is
oh wells . . .
anyway, picture coming up next might affect your mood of having a meal

this is the only picture with my precious stud
no more. just to show someone who is curious =)

mabel*::sure. thanks
muscleWOMEN:: k
relfy::not sure yet
LiPing*::haha. thanks =)
sorry, not in a very good mood
anyway, will be goin to Malaysia for just 2 days
will blog when i am back
take care!

Monday, December 25, 2006


may all your wishes come true!!!

went Sakae Sushi with the Queen for x`mas celebration on x`mas eve =D

is it cute?? its call kisses @ Sakae

count down to x`mas at MOS
so so so many ppl!!!
so so so FUN!!
wish my girlfriends were there
anyway, faster reach 18!!! =DDD

Priscilla:: The font is 'tenbitrsch' if i am not wrong. Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
soonYan*:: haha.. shes smart! thanks =DDD
Mabel*:: wanted you to join me at MOS!!!! miss u too =D meet up real soon!!!
frankyraven:: merry x`mas
relfy:: thanks !
cuiPing*:: merry christmas!!! =D

Friday, December 22, 2006

First few to watch DEATH NOTE 2

first few to watch Death Note 2 in Singapore
don understand why the Gala Premiere is so late
enjoy the show very much
hope to get its DVD when its out
wanna watch Death Note part 1!!!!

2 tickets not used
we've got 4 tickets
for Vampy, Relfy, hotHoney, ME
have the extra tickets last min when my hotHoney got it from his DJ friend
only saw 1 pretty actress
others are guys
only 1 seems to be most ke lian
4get his name
coz he waited for the cab in the taxi stand!!
one is very friendly but i also donno his name
anyways, really must go watch that show!!!

picture while i am really bored
nothing to do
just non-stop coughing

i donno why i am always hungry
my tummy gives u the hint

as i was packin my things
i found this la!! wahahaha
the person in the pic, with the auntie hair is me

the queens keep dancing behind me

X`mas present for GiGi*

soonyan*:: LOL..Kelyn* =x

be beautiful

dress up and be beautiful today
b'coz its a special day
its our monthsary
and the 1st thing we did today
is quarrel
actually its my fault
i didn't sleep
and i am very hungry now
so i accidentally let out my bad bad pi qi
who wanna go market and have breakfast with me now?
still rmb last time
meet up so many ppl
ppl who is most unlikely to go out with me
-Dennis kok
think.. still hav some but don really rmb
of coz Jevonne*, the most comment one =D
but now
all alone =(
JianWen* call me a siao cha bo
oh wells

sleep a bit later
and be beautiful for the whole beautiful evening
can i?

FrankyRaven::haha. if i am free on x`mas =) very sweet beans not jumppin beans. anyway, just a hug. a friendly hug. don think Y Y
SOONYAN*:: yea. i am too shocked so i deleted it xD nah. actually someone spotted him
Kelyn*:: OMFG
Geok*:: oh man! you come to visit my blog! u know we plan to give out flyer as we carry tt cup around orchard =))
nahyieve:: ya! must get well soon!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

JellyBeans =) [[edited post]] [[ edited again]] =P

big smiles to JELLYBEANS

each of them have their JellyBeans logo on them
expensive but nice
i finshed them up like just 2 days =x

anyway, yesterday went to watch Death note 2
with yingRui* Vanessa* my hotHoney
saw some ming xing
some are friendly

too many things happened didn't really rmb
some pictures =D

know whats this?
TA DAA!! its a cigarette!!! =DD
Taiwan cigarette!!!

i think this very liu xing
see so many ppl takin it

opps!!!picture deleted!!!
guess win also no prize
HE is my friend only!
don misunderstand =P

FrankyRaven:: =DD sure..
LoveHunter:: omg! HELLO!

Monday, December 18, 2006

i am bored beacuse its boring

waiting for him to get home
didn't eat the whole day
guess wad?
because i am broke!!
don even have money to buy food
so if anyone ask me out, make sure you treat me =D
just kidding
anyway, will be havin a NO MONEY x`mas
but nvm
stay at home with my family
and honey havin holidays

anyway, meet up with my darlings yesterday
didn't meet up for long b'coz was chattin with honey's god-father
and he cook really nice food man!
will get fat just stay at his house for 2 hours =D

honey drove the car to my house and den to CAN cafe
after chatting awhile
Elisa* honey and me went back to lakeside
we go round and round and just can't find out way
was a long trip home

i am very hungry anyway xD

joan*:: haha.. =D
chenEr*::thanks. u too take good care ya! meet up soon!!
FrankyRaven::haha Bernard* loh.. should be stayin at home with my family on x`mas? not sure =D

Saturday, December 16, 2006

LOVE lesson

first of all

was bathin and thinkin
finally i learn or maybe i realise how to really treasure
i always say i did treasure
and yes
i did
but just for the things i must really thank someone deeply
but i realise
things i need to treasure and to appreciate is not only that
but everything i have

i appreciate him for everything he do
but i realise every problem of his is always sth i cause
just donno why
am i really that problematic?
am i really a trouble-maker?

i've made myself fall deeply
and u make me fall deeper
and till now
i am still loving you so deeply
6 months for u issn't a long period of time
but to me, this pass 6 months is the most precious lesson i've got in my life

Jevonne*:: LOLs
soonYan*:: =D wahahaha
jiaHao*:: ok..when i got the time ok? sorry
cuiPing*:: thankss !! =D
FrankyRaven::is it? i sound so despo in my blog? but i tot all abtmy blog is how someone loves me?? lol. Date me to?? ur cyber cafe?? oh ya.. haha.. they tell me u look a lot like chicken lil
Joan*:: my manager order it from japan. Singapore also have but not the real one =D

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

memories of the past and the new

went to watch "Happy Feet" with the Queen, GiGi* and Queen's boss
the show is superDuper cute
i still like "OpenSeason"
both must watch ya!
people who loves to dance and hear rythems,"Happy Feet" will be suitable
for those who love the sad storyline must watch "Open Season"

yesterday night went to eat prata with Mr.D
he was the one i wanted to love but i didn't really treasure
maybe i prefer to be his friend rather den GF
he is a super nice guy
when we were eatin prata
it was so hard and i cannot cut it apart to fit into my mouth
and i am afraid it would fly when i am too "chor lor"
and he say,"tie a string to it laa! so fly away also can pic up."
den he took it from my plate and cut it for me
my 1st ride on a bike in Singapore
still rmb when we were together
he fail his drivin test
when he had dinner at my place, he block my sis' view[[watchin TV]]
HA.. i can say i owe him so much

just dig out some of my old photos
last yr or maybe the yr b4 last yr
so much memories
so many question marks

a SUPER BIG question mark on this picture
Jevonne* SoonYan*, if u happened to drop by my blog and see this
wahahaha! really have no idea

this is the best "kissing picture" i've got
please don get angry b'coz of this picture alright?
it's just for LUFF
and its taken on 11`o8`o5
and bobvin* hope u don get angry see`ing this
haha! Girls don misunderstand too
he is really a veryveryvery good BF
HAHA.wth am i talkin about

the most handsome photographer

kinda fierce and wan everyti to be perfect
so he is doin my hair HIMSELF
he look like FeiXiang*
lol. no offence
don look at the nude pics behind laaa

1st time`s make-over picture

find this 2 pictures nice but donno wad was i eatin when takin the 2nd pic
both were taken in Pula Ubin[[issit liddat spell?nvm laa hor]]

few pictures by LaoGong's Friend with Jevonne* me and of coz my LaoGong
my LAOGONG is HER. i call her LAOGONG since very long ago

a funny picture
this costume is freaking EX!!

anyway, just read blogger XiaXue`s blog
she just did her nose
i also wan!!!! for free if i am not wrong
eeeuukk~ i also wan sponser

OH YA!! obviously i've change my blogskin
comment please! =D
the picture on top nice??
i made it myself!!!

Joan*::alright, Linked =D
LaoGong::yup! see u next year. TAKE CARE!
frankyraven::haven't get my results yet.
DaMao:: okok =D i love my babies too.. everyone love them =D

Monday, December 11, 2006

thats JOJO

back to blogging! =D
don really rmb wad happened for the past 9 days
but still rmb wad happened last few days

6Dec`o6 - wed
went to his school and waited for his class to end

7Dec`o6 - thur
meet him after his school and ate pepper lunch
he was tired and i think we went home?

8Dec`o6 - fri
went back to his aunt's SPA and do my facial
after tt went to Jurong Point and got a woody for our babies
watch "Open Season" a damn woooHOO show!
haha.. anyway, Buudddyy~
whoever watches the movie will know wad am i talkin about

9Dec`o6 - Sat
when to meet him after his class with Benoni* YongTian* JongFoo*
ate pepper lunch again =D
went to FarEast ManJiaLe and have the mango coconut ice!
MUST TRY OK! veryvery nice
waited for him to close counter and we cab home
got Mac for supper and him drivin me out =D
getting fat

10Dec`o6 - Sun
bring babies home for my family
gave my family their X`mas gift
they don seems to be happy to see the gift but my babies
was honey who drove me back =D

Don really have nice photos to share recently
i will take more and will blog more often
Promise =)))

actually checking on my e-mails
coz its over crowding my account
and i started on GB`ing again
coz nv go look for job or maybe i should say i nv work for tt previous job anymore
look around in friendster
i've put more photos in my friendster
and i change my settings to everyone can view me
haha. No nice pics to share also no use =((
anyway,i wanna go to chalet soon!!

X`mas coming!!! anyone have any idea on how to celebrate??
teehheee~ so excited!!!

mabel*::ok! u've got a better job now ya?
FrankyRaven::er.. ya.. he just ask me.. did you tell me about the steamboat thingy. U both askin same questions
DaMao:: i am back. i working.. NO MORE
LaoGong::LOL.. anyway, ask me out soon please.HA
nahyieve:: up to u if u wanna work or not =D
Joan*:: nothing to blog recently but will blog often now! anyway, i don really like JayChou too =x and wheres ur blog????
MuscleWomen:: ya.. u mad

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Taurus Romance? forever it will be? will...?

went DXO with Relfy
to join jianWen*s cousin's party
kinda fun
took lotsa pics
reach home at 9
coz accompany Pin* until his skool starts
bet he is DEAD in class

went to meet alan* to pass in back his DVD.
b4 tt i went cycling with msHan* and classmate ex-classmates
he came and pick me up and went to report for his car racing on sunday
all the nice cars park at carparkA outside the closed stadium
went in for some talk
and also the 1st time to see so many nice cars tio summons
den he drove me to eat and da bao food home for the Queen

went to work
so hungry & tired now
Alan* again come to my work place
waited for me to drive me home

sorry to alan*
but i think i love him thats why i don like to msg or call anyone else
but him

he is not the one who come and see me at my work place but he is out with his friends
he is not the one who bring me to hav supper when i am hungry
he is not the one who call me when i need him so much
he is not the one who is there
he is not the one who love me only
he is not the one by my side anymore

maybe he is not in the beginning

frankyRaven::i am not a model =) my job is very clean one. Thank you for viewing my blog! x`mas will hope to spend with my love ones. anyway, my LaoGong is a girl and she have a BF
liRong*:: its ok!
Jevonne*:: so sorry!!!
Relfy*::YUP! love ya!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back with interesting stories to tell

i HATE Sarah*!!!
she ate my $$$$
haha.. just kidding =x
just came back from geoges[donno if the spelling is correct]
share a jug with Jevonne*
she is kinda tired
but i didn't win Sarah*s $$$ so i go on and on till i have no more $$$$
how Fuk is it laa =x

anyway, prom night was a shyt
but ya, its really shitty to me!
coz theres only 19 of my classmates were there
and the whole damn thing is just singing and madly "shake`in" coz mostly didn't know how to dance PROPERLY

after prom was fun
out`in with my darlings!
we went to airport and just nice
bf was there and he join me
how coincident is tt
coz i was actually wanting to wait for him at his school
but at the end my skool didn't end early[went to take back my art]
so i didn't go and just went to look for my darlings
and i tell him i am headin to airport and he said he was in the airport
cheering for some top-cheif or sth and welcome them back to SG
so he went to look for my darlings there
so sad tt my darlings don welcome him
but why everyone only accept *HIM* but not my current BF?
not only them but many more =(

look like family photo?
in front is mummy, daddy, daddy's sis
buthind is 3 daughters xD
went to melissa*s house for some kinda sec skool gathering
ate so so so damn much

den no life till today
went to accompany Jevonne* to look for LiRong*
and den brought some flowers for LiRong*s mum
after tt went with Jevonne* to look for her job
sadly, she can't work
kinda pissed coz the person ask me to try out for few days
and i didn't reject
and i actually don wanna work at this places again
but, ya, i donno.. coz the pay was good as like "u name it" kinda pay?
so Jevonne* can't make it there so we went back to my old work place
we order 1 jug and my fav wedges[issit spell this way? aya wadever =x]
den i went to call Sarah* to ask if theres any vacancy for job there
den she started to ask me to play pool
and i lost $5 on tt. DAMN!
den i lost around $10++ on the card game
so sorry to Jevonne*
she is kinda tired and cannot take it already so we went home
[but its after i lose $$$ =(]
anyways, now i am home
will upload the pics soon
sorry if the post is too long =x
still must leave ur comment ok!

Joan*:: me too.. but its gone =( will send u the pics! but i haven't recieve also
wenXin*::LOL!! nv see u point at all
FrankyRaven::u won't understand wad pain is tt.. haha.. but its ok. ya.. i spent a lot now..i donno why the song is not working.. but its ok anyway =D anyway, m i a model? LOL
vampy::haha.. =DDD
LaoGong::but belly and tongue is different, and theres no problem in talking anyway =D haha.. will show u soon ya!!

sometimes i just wonder
why do i still think so much
i've got the answer

coz he wasn't there at the first place

anyway, will post more pictures soon!
will sleep in the morning
might appear in DXO tml night and have some fun =D

Monday, November 20, 2006

RELAX and be stupid

actually wanna go crazy coz we[ JEVONNE* and me] wanna go sentosa late at nite
we tot will pass by kelly*s work place
so we call her and she say she is nt workin anymore
and ask us to join them for a drink

Miki* and JoJo*



shopping! after exam ma
make my nails for $42
so hav diffficulty typing

nahyieve::u can go there too! ask me for details =D anyway, i try to listen to myself more!
FrankyRaven::haha.. just find a weekend to go to the kelong to relax! the piercing didn' hurt my heart when i am having it, but without it, i donno y i am hurt =(
vampy::got sth for you of coz! i also wan that bike! HAHA! i am NOT AH LIAN!
minmin*:: ok!
mr'LIM`s soonYan*:: i hope so =(
wenxin*::i don think i look ah lian . But i tot of piercing again
Joan*::its a tongue piercing.
mabel*:: i wan your piercing as well!
cuiPing*:: thanks!

sorry for short reply due to my long fake nails

Thursday, November 16, 2006


i am quite unhappy about something

everyone also don like my piercing
they say it looks ahLIAN
but i didn't let anyone know and put a small stud
but bf dislike me with tt stud and so i took it out
and it close
the piercing is not to show off or wad
but its for me to rmb sth
rmb not to give attitude
but now, with the stud i might rmb sth else which i don wan
so its close now
theres so many reasons for me to close it
but i just don wan to
when its closed i donno wad kinda feeling i've got here


i donno why my heart hurt so much now
so many things appear
what is this?
donno wads happening

nvm.. please concentrate on the post before this
a lot of effort is put into the pictures!

back from Batam [[FULL OF PHOTOS]]


he was packing and i am still sleeping

he wanna put it in his room

byebye Singapore!

Crazy guy but i like =x

Handsome right! of coz laa

he ask me to turn him into a fish with my nails

on the lil-bus on the rocky path

my FAVOURATE passion fruit

the fisherman

small cooking place

settle down

relaxing, doing their own things

the bait

living above the water

relaxing, dancing.. just enjoying

i am fishing

the meals there is like WTH ok!!! i miss i miss

middle of the Kelong, the big net

the transport to reach the Kelong



greetings on the wall
just outside the toilet

the fisherman's enermy

#o1 - our room

view from the inside

view from the outside

see me in the mirror?

fishing equipments

waiting for the poor fish to get hook

its going to rain

raining but still fishing


the rise of the sun above the horizon in the morning

wo men yao chu hai bu yu le!

his god-father with the fishes they caught

my handsome BF

majong time!

the most hardworking fisherman

messaging service

the net is heavy!!

see wads at the bottom?

this picture make me luff non-stop!
coz i was eating peanut and he ask me to throw one into his mouth
den i throw and it got into his hair xD

handsome bf caught a big and heavy pufferfish
its poison is all over it, so they let it go

really sweet and yummy sweet potato


is the sharkfin big enuff for you?

shark attack!


the one in the kitchen cooking the OMG food.. hope one day my BF can cook like him

byebye Keong! We are going to the 'NTUC' in Batam

unlike Singapore, they just pour everything in

i miss AandW!! the food there,so so so nice laa
and its also cheap!

sleeping on the ship way back to Singapore


when to the car show
wanted to watch the race
but meet the Queen and so, nv watch

3 curious boys

R1!! woot!

meet the queen and went to try on shoes
i think i've tried 10 pairs?
its the size or its dirty

after tt i brought this
cost me $119
i love it!

anyway, honey brought me a $50 bag for my gradNight
and i brought a new bikini for $30
some gift for my friends
i am so broke now

mabel*:: yup!! the world is so so so small.. or maybe i should say Singapore is very small =D
DaMao:: lol.. the KUKU head ah
nahyieve:: ohh.. only left with Science MCQ on the 20th.. so i am kinda having fun now =D
Joan*:: ya.. i have break from 10th till 20th which is my last paper.. the science MCQ