Wednesday, December 20, 2006

JellyBeans =) [[edited post]] [[ edited again]] =P

big smiles to JELLYBEANS

each of them have their JellyBeans logo on them
expensive but nice
i finshed them up like just 2 days =x

anyway, yesterday went to watch Death note 2
with yingRui* Vanessa* my hotHoney
saw some ming xing
some are friendly

too many things happened didn't really rmb
some pictures =D

know whats this?
TA DAA!! its a cigarette!!! =DD
Taiwan cigarette!!!

i think this very liu xing
see so many ppl takin it

opps!!!picture deleted!!!
guess win also no prize
HE is my friend only!
don misunderstand =P

FrankyRaven:: =DD sure..
LoveHunter:: omg! HELLO!


FrankyRaven said...

Hello jojo.. your sure =DD means going out with me ??? very anxious of me hehe asking only..

Anonymous said...

nice pictures!!
but how come the last two pictures u will post it?
i was kinda shocked! :X

Raiin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
frankyraven said...

lol the beans i tot is those need to pour water then will grow and jump around de lolx..

the neoprint so good can hug hug sia lol.. hehe

GEOK said...

HAHA! I laugh out loud when i saw the pic with wayne and the BIG cup! HAHAH!

nahyieve said...

i would go out with you guys but i have a pig's trotter as my leg. wish that i'll get well soon. =(.