Friday, December 22, 2006

be beautiful

dress up and be beautiful today
b'coz its a special day
its our monthsary
and the 1st thing we did today
is quarrel
actually its my fault
i didn't sleep
and i am very hungry now
so i accidentally let out my bad bad pi qi
who wanna go market and have breakfast with me now?
still rmb last time
meet up so many ppl
ppl who is most unlikely to go out with me
-Dennis kok
think.. still hav some but don really rmb
of coz Jevonne*, the most comment one =D
but now
all alone =(
JianWen* call me a siao cha bo
oh wells

sleep a bit later
and be beautiful for the whole beautiful evening
can i?

FrankyRaven::haha. if i am free on x`mas =) very sweet beans not jumppin beans. anyway, just a hug. a friendly hug. don think Y Y
SOONYAN*:: yea. i am too shocked so i deleted it xD nah. actually someone spotted him
Kelyn*:: OMFG
Geok*:: oh man! you come to visit my blog! u know we plan to give out flyer as we carry tt cup around orchard =))
nahyieve:: ya! must get well soon!!!

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Anonymous said...

wa, really? who spotted him?