Monday, December 18, 2006

i am bored beacuse its boring

waiting for him to get home
didn't eat the whole day
guess wad?
because i am broke!!
don even have money to buy food
so if anyone ask me out, make sure you treat me =D
just kidding
anyway, will be havin a NO MONEY x`mas
but nvm
stay at home with my family
and honey havin holidays

anyway, meet up with my darlings yesterday
didn't meet up for long b'coz was chattin with honey's god-father
and he cook really nice food man!
will get fat just stay at his house for 2 hours =D

honey drove the car to my house and den to CAN cafe
after chatting awhile
Elisa* honey and me went back to lakeside
we go round and round and just can't find out way
was a long trip home

i am very hungry anyway xD

joan*:: haha.. =D
chenEr*::thanks. u too take good care ya! meet up soon!!
FrankyRaven::haha Bernard* loh.. should be stayin at home with my family on x`mas? not sure =D


FrankyRaven said...

Oic, hmm u decide ba if you stay with family on xmas to eat turkey den is ok de.. =) if on that day i can meet you then u decide urself where to go lo i am ok de.. anyway i not working soon quitting my job on 23th dec. so can meet here and there liao haha.. =P free can call me go fish or jurong point hehe

lovehunter said...

Hello =D