Saturday, December 30, 2006

Leaving to MALAYSIA

27 dec`2oo6
together with Thong* Mr.ZhuoWeiLong*
sorry about the pic, it was so blur that i can't see a thing

dinner with honey and his classmates
after tt, headed to suntac for a super funny Kbox session
before that, my sweety brought me a jacket
alto i doesn't like adidas
but still i love tt jacket =D

my Fav!!!!

how HOT and KIND he is
oh wells . . .
anyway, picture coming up next might affect your mood of having a meal

this is the only picture with my precious stud
no more. just to show someone who is curious =)

mabel*::sure. thanks
muscleWOMEN:: k
relfy::not sure yet
LiPing*::haha. thanks =)
sorry, not in a very good mood
anyway, will be goin to Malaysia for just 2 days
will blog when i am back
take care!


nahyieve said...

means youre not gg to celebrate new year's eve with us.. =(.

FrankyRaven said...

Hello its me, the someone you mean wanna see your stud you mean me isstt??? your tongue look so swollen sia.. anyway what happen to you again who make my princess no mood again sia.. hehe.. hope you reply back again.. anything not feeling well call my phone k.. take care..