Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bored, upset, ...

Why is everybody at powerhouse tonight?
And I am stuck here so much like crying =(

Denise*:: huh? I didn't know you were with Kai* Lol.
LiKuan*:: but over all ok, still enjoy =D
Jackson*:: which Jackson* are you?=x
Jevonne*:: done
AhHao*:: Icic,.. which friend? =x
Edison*:: Wasn't angry.
Passerby*:: which post? None was talking about Kelly*
YiFan*:: =DDDD HAHA. I miss you kor! =DDD meet up again soon ok?? Don't let me to miss you too much ok? =DDDDD
Wilzk:: Thanks =)

My blog is dying like me =(


After what happened today, somehow I feel, I wanna make things better but in the end, its just getting worst.
So what kind of friend am I? Am I really one??

Seeing both friends quarreling, and I am like not helping but making things worst.
Nothing I can say, nothing I can do also. At the 1st place, maybe I should just listen and give both advise?
I think really clearly, say what I should and shut up when I shouldn't say anything.
Seems like everything I do is wrong now.. problems + problems + problems + problems + problems + problems + problems + problems + problems + problems + problems. Endless problems.

Well, to any of you, maybe now, you will think that I am trying to say something now and tell someone other story. You told me that I actually did that but I am sure that I'll never do such thing. For what?
Tell me..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just trying to be stupid when I am a mother of 2

A says:
where u go?
JOJO says:
no la. just chill at around my house
A says:
A says:
nvr jio
JOJO says:
no lar.
JOJO says:
wasn't in
JOJO says:
the mood*
A says:
JOJO says:
haha. nth la
A says:
wat happened?
A says:
relationship again ar?
JOJO says:
my babies giving me problems
JOJO says:
A says:
baby? who?
JOJO says:
JOJO says:
you don't know i am a mother of 2?
A says:
A says:
JOJO says:
A says:
mother?? unbelievable
JOJO says:
why not?
A says:
i dun reali believe
A says:
u too small size to be a mother
A says:
n u dun looks like 1
JOJO says:
small size?! omg. You never see my tummy.. anyway, next time when they gets older I bring them to club. LOl.
A says:
A says:
ur tummy?
A says:
ur tummy so small
JOJO says:
LOL. you see before?
A says:
u so small size.. how big can it be
JOJO says:
small size?!!! are you sure?
A says:
ya lah
A says:
u very fat meh?
A says:
u look very small size wat
JOJO says:
JOJO says:
LOL. looks like what..
A says:
den ur head
A says:
u r small size lah
JOJO says:
A says:
i can carry u n throw around lor
JOJO says:
since when I am small size??...... Think you`ve added the wrong JOJO
A says:
wrong ur head lah
A says:
only u dis taurus ger lor
A says:
u r indeed pretty,, but too small sized

Thanks for thinking that I am small size and pretty =D LOL

Monday, May 26, 2008

Is it fair?

If a girl can have heart to heart talk with guys, guys will like to chat with them.
People who likes this girl will say she is popular.
People who dislike her will say she love to flirt around and have lotsa boyfriends

So.. Don't listen to any others, judge for yourself..

Its always unfair =) gotta take it no matter how hard it will be.

LiKuan*:: yup =D for your birthday right? at hawker
LeonLeon*:: $10?!
Vampy:: =DDDD
AhHAo*:: ooo.. icicicic... didn't know you will read my blog =)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Night at partyworld with JJJ =D

The JJJ out`ing. =D
Non-edit`ed pictures, one word UGLY
Meet Jensen* and Jevonne* to Boat Quay for interrview @ 1st at Jevonne*s house.
Kai* came and meet us. Poor thing cannot join us. Gotta work tml.

Anyway, congrats to Jevonne*. Got your job and working on the next day.
LOL. Fast can?!?!
And please stop talking to me on MSN coz I am just in front of you. zzz

Went partywold after that. Sing and sing with 2 pros.

NOTE::Edit`ed the previous post.

AhHao*:: Thanks =D ehh.. actually until now I don't know who are you. LOL. So you know both me and Edison*?
Denise*:: HUH?? Monday? I at home? eh.. which Denise* are you? =x
Jevonne*:: LOVE YOU TOO!! cbc..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

GoodBye my friend.

Never thought such thing would happen. To someone once so close, meeting almost everyday.
Nothing makes me feel so bad. So many things I wanna say.. But..
Yesterday I really learn my lesson. I tried to open up to people that I really care and who cares for me.
I don't wanna regret like now, for not telling them how much I appreciate them.

This post is for BoonKeong*, we will remember you forever.
LOVE Alflerz

Thanks for being there last night, to the Queen, Jevonne*, Jensen* and chris*

Sometimes things is so difficult to voice out.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

birthday thanks =D

Too many pictures to post up. Gotta sleep early tonight.

So i am now going to thank people who wish me happy birthday
Thanks for making my phone ring non-stop starting from 12 =DDD
Special thanks to...
...Yusri*, Yusri*s girlfriend and Edison* for the surprise party =D
...the queen for the lovely cake.
...LiKuan* Melissa* CCK* Jacko* JingFeng* for the fish&chips birthday celebration =D
...KaiKai*s beer xD
...LaoGong for the message that hit me so hard, LOL. So LaoGong! Faster come back from Japan and we will go shopping!! Coz I miss you!!

Sorry for not putting all the names up. But still, LOVE TO EVERYONE

Thanks for being there for me when you all know my problem =D
You all are the best that I've ever get from WG.

LiKuan*:: yup meet up again soon! ya, my animals always fall. Told you I need to plastic my face already.
SoonYan*:: ya, because its the fact =D
LaoGong*:: score high because they cheat! And maybe because its too easy.
AhHao*:: Oic =)
BlueberrySWEET:: Its not fun if everyone score 100 =( Who what?
Jevonne*:: Ya, she got bigger eyes all thanks to you! LOL Angry pig was..Don't want to even think abut their ugly names. LOL. yes? CCB? I am still here!
Edison*:: We are from the bong family and We are bastards
Denise*:: Find one day, lets party!
Bunny*:: Thanks!
:P :: No eye lashes extension. No money to do
Wei Cong*:: Hey thanks!
Alicia*:: Stop it! LOL. Can't stop laughing. Thanks, anyway, I still want my chicken wings!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A bit too sick to blog a lot

SICK! Mood swing is really really BAD.
Ok, here to tell you guy. I have so many names now.
Jevonne* Edison* calls me Bastard. Jevonne* added a new one calls CB
Jovi* calls me HarGao coz of a joke and his gf Bunny calls me MuahChee coz I looks like one.
So now, the starfish Patrick wanna join in, calling me MuahGao!!!

LOL.. Why call me bastard because....
I am one!!! Just kinda quarrel with someone on WG. Nv before. LOL coz he doubt that I never scream at someone, so.. He should get screamings from me. =D I am evil. Just nice I am an angry cat, he come and step on my tail. So.... DIE =P

Reply to tag soon.. Too sick already =x

WG has HOT list, why don't have hate list???

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Over due pictures

A night at don't know what sh*t pub.
Make JOJO* an angry cat.

Ya, with idiots like that like to create trouble when they are drunk.
Told you I am an angry cat.

Yesterday night Jevonne* Mr.OKOK* and me went to look for Jevnne*s friend.
Got nothing better to do so.. draw

Before a cat wear define contact

And after!! LOL
This shows the lvl of how bored am I. LOL

The angry cat is not in the right mood to blog nicely. =(
Still angry cat!!!

blueberrySWEET:: Your 100% also fake one.. I angry cat now! you la!
Jevonne*:: crazy.. looks like an idiot. ta pi gu is what?
Jess*:: both of you looks so sweet =D
Edison*:: you lousy what. only 80%
LiKuan*:: think everyone ba. someone even ask me to plastic my whole face. what question is that?? For now still you know me best =D
Osaris:: My standard is not high =) ya once a year but its seems boring
XinHui*:: HI!
SoonYan*:: You think that its not perfect only. Others who look at you they can judge.
Denise*:: You are a smart girl what!! mine is born to be, cannot change. LOL

Anyway, Chris* I know your original score. So don't bother cheating LOL. And don't message me and ask me for answer. You started the trend of cheating. See people not happy they also wanna cheat.

No matter what, my LiKuan* knows me best =DDDD

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Monday, May 05, 2008


Pictures =D MOS night with Edison*, Yusri* and his brother
Ahem!! The 2 bothers ask me for Jevonne*s number. They ask me to post it up on my blog.
Jevonne* so how?? Well, I think both of them from Jurong Q until don't know where already.

Today, went for the gym thingy then walk around

I look like an idiot. But he look nice, so I post it up.

Pretty place with memories that's to be forgotten.

Busy playing with his new toy

Taurus-romance =D

Monkey boss =D

blueberrySWEET:: Yvonne* ask why is your name blueberrySWEET. Cannot, mei ren yao already.
Osaris:: Not sure, don't feel like celebrating =( natural ugly`ness how?
Jevonne*:: da pi gu, how?? give them number can? LOL
Denise*:: No confidence to get into poly at all. I've got a flat nose or no nose at all. LOL
LiKuan*:: different la.. I need it badly
SoonYan*:: With your nose, you can't say anything ok! Your nose is perfect!! You won't know how I feel. Haha

Anyway, dear dear promise to bring me go drink. Forever, we'll nv meet. So, let see..

Don't think so much ya blueberrySWEET*

Just try to be stupid and random. Too bored

Hello everybody.
Finally I am going to be pretty, because I am going to have my nose done.
Going to upgrade my face more and more.

I am going to be pretty =D like finally. AhHAHAHA

OK LA.. was kidding.. too bored already.. Thats what I wish for, maybe b4 my 20th birthday? =D
Anyone wanna sponsor??

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Enjoy all I want

Was out for a few nights.


Love it. Pretty pretty.

Pretty Sentosa =DD

MOS was next. Funny things happened.
Was so empty inside but still.. Fun..

So lil people, so many angry pigs.

Denise*:: I also don't know eh. No schools want me I also can't do anything this year.
Osaris:: I don't know yet. Days getting nearer, don't know why the more I don't have feeling of celebrating.
LiKuan*:: I will be willing if I've went for a plastic surgery
Jackson*:: Seldom online =)
Jess*:: Ok.. thanks =) Long time no see
anonymos14:: 6288 or sth if I am not wrong
Jensen*:: Soon! Not enjoy ah. Stress, cannot find job.
Sab*:: hee!! see you soon!!
Jevonne*:: why why??
BlueberrySWEET*:: =D