Saturday, May 03, 2008

Enjoy all I want

Was out for a few nights.


Love it. Pretty pretty.

Pretty Sentosa =DD

MOS was next. Funny things happened.
Was so empty inside but still.. Fun..

So lil people, so many angry pigs.

Denise*:: I also don't know eh. No schools want me I also can't do anything this year.
Osaris:: I don't know yet. Days getting nearer, don't know why the more I don't have feeling of celebrating.
LiKuan*:: I will be willing if I've went for a plastic surgery
Jackson*:: Seldom online =)
Jess*:: Ok.. thanks =) Long time no see
anonymos14:: 6288 or sth if I am not wrong
Jensen*:: Soon! Not enjoy ah. Stress, cannot find job.
Sab*:: hee!! see you soon!!
Jevonne*:: why why??
BlueberrySWEET*:: =D

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